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Equipo DRT - F.A.Q. Questions and answers

Equipo DRT’s fabrics, products and services

  • What can I buy from Equipo DRT?

    In Equipo DRT we sell fabrics for curtains, sheers, upholstery, prints, velvets, contract and outdoor fabrics, wallpapers and trimmings.

  • Are Equipo DRT´s designs exclusive?

    In Equipo DRT we have a team that designs all of our collections taking into account each season’s trends in global fashion and design.

  • Where are Equipo DRT´s products designed and manufactured?

    Equipo DRT´s fabrics are designed and manufactured in the European Union, which guarantees a strict quality control and a fast, efficient service.

  • Are all of Equipo DRT´s products available on the website?

    Practically all the designs included in our collection can be found on our website.

  • How does the product finder work?

    With the product finder, you can narrow down your query using criteria like colour, collection, keyword, usage or pattern. Once you click on the criteria of your choice, the results will be filtered automatically.

  • I want to develop a tailored project. Can Equipo DRT provide me with the fabrics I need?

    Equipo DRT can provide you with the fabrics that you require to develop your tailored project according to your specific needs. Even if we do not have the fabrics that you are looking for, we can offer you a personalized service to help you source them.

  • Is there a minimum purchase order?

    The minimum order we accept in Equipo DRT is one meter of fabric or one roll of wallpaper

  • Can I place an order with custom measurements?

    Starting at one meter, you can buy any length of fabric you need.

  • Does Equipo DRT sell textile products for professional use / contract?

    Our contract product line includes the sheer 100% Trevira CS “Savoy”, double-width upholstery fabrics like “Dédalo”, “Ceres” and “Charlotte” and room divider curtains like “Sarah”. In the “Fabrics” menu you will find the “Contract” section, dedicated exclusively to certified fire-resistant fabrics for hospitality projects and public spaces .

Logistics: stock, price list, delivery and stockists

  • Equipo DRT's contact details

    If you have further questions about Equipo DRT and our products, please contact us by phone or by e-mail. Our Customer Support Department will be happy to attend you:

    Telephone: +34 961 343 050

    E-mail: web (at) equipo-drt.es

    E-mail export: export (at) equipo-drt.es



  • I am a retailer, I have just set up a new business. How can I have access to Equipo DRT’s collection?

    If you are interested in our products, please get in touch with us at web@equipo-drt.es to request a first visit from our sales reps.

  • I am a retailer, What are the sales conditions for Equipo DRT’s products?

    If you are a home décor professional and you are interested in our fabrics, get in touch with us at web@equipo-drt.es and we will set an appointment to study possibilities for cooperation.

  • I am a retailer, How can I know if there is available stock?

    If you already are an Equipo DRT client, you can call us at +34 961 343 050. Our sales managers will provide you with reliable information on the stock available in our warehouses.

  • I am a retailer, How long would I have to wait to receive the products I ordered?

    Delivery times depend on your location. In Spain, the average delivery time is between 24 and 48 hours. In Europe, it generally takes three days once the order has been confirmed. If you require information about delivery times in other areas, please get in touch with us: web@equipo-drt.es

  • I am a retailer, How do I know if a product is still being manufactured?

    The price lists are updated every year. If you cannot find a particular item on the lists, it means that it has been removed from the collection and therefore is no longer being manufactured. If you require an updated price list, please get in touch with us.

  • I am a retailer, Can I order samples of fabrics or wallpapers?

    Yes, we have samples of all our designs available to help you choose the right product.

  • I am a retailer , Can I pay with credit card on the website? Is there a payment gateway?

    Yes. You can pay for your orders on this website using our payment gateway.

  • I am a retailer, Do you have a return policy?

    Equipo DRT accepts the return of any product that hasn’t been received in perfect conditions. For further information on the return procedure, please get in touch with your usual sales manager.

  • I am a retailer, Do you design specific collections for interior design professionals?

    If you require a special fabric for your project, we can create it for you as long as you place an order of at least 100 meters. Get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to discuss the possibilities.

  • I am an end customer, Where can I buy Equipo DRT fabrics?

    You can buy our fabrics in retail stores specialized in decoration, home fabrics and curtains. If you need further information about Equipo DRT in your area, do not hesitate to ask us about our network of business partners.

  • I am an end customer, In which countries can I find Equipo DRT retailers?

    We have retail partners in many countries: Germany, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Portugal, Finland, Netherlands, Belgium, India, Russia, Morocco…Tell us where you are and we will put you in touch with the partner closest to you.

  • I am an end customer, Can I order directly from Equipo DRT?

    Yes, you can place your order through any retailer within our distribution network.  Do not hesitate to ask us about our partners in your area.

Technical specifications

  • How do you measure a fabric's rapport?

    • The rapport, which can be found in fabrics and wallpapers, is the distance between two identical points in any given pattern. It can be vertical or horizontal. In Equipo DRT, we indicate the cutting rapport of each of our designs depending on the fabric’s placement on the piece.
    • To measure a rapport, we need to follow the direction of the pattern. Select a point and measure the distance between this point and the point where the pattern starts repeating itself.
    • Measuring the rapport is essential to ensure that the fabric or wallpaper is properly centered.
  • What´s the difference between a sheer and a curtain?

    Both the sheer and the curtain cover windows for practical and aesthetic purposes. The difference lies in the opacity of the fabric. Sheers tend to be lighter and more transparent, while curtains are usually heavier.

  • What is the Martindale test?

    The Martindale test determines fabrics’ resistance to abrasion. It is mostly carried out on upholstery fabrics to see how many rubs the fabric can withstand before tearing. The higher the Martindale number, the higher the resistance.

  • What does Tempotest mean?

    Tempotest is an exclusive warranty for outdoor fabrics that guarantees six years of colour fade under exposure to the sun.

  • Are there special fabrics for outdoor use?

    • In outdoor spaces, terraces, gardens, pools and nautical environments, fabrics are exposed to the sun, the wind and the rain, so it is always recommended to choose fabrics specifically designed to resist these weather conditions for long periods of time.
    • In Equipo DRT, we have a wide range of rot resistant, water and oil repellent outdoor fabrics. All these fabrics have a Tempotest warranty (which means that they don’t fade under exposure to sunlight) and are easy to clean.
  • Why do some of your curtains carry lead?

    Sometimes, the fabrics used to make curtains carry a leadband that adds weight to their fall. In Equipo DRT, we make sure that these fabrics are clearly marked.

  • We welcome your questions

    If you have further questions about Equipo DRT and our products, please fill in the following form and/ or send us your inquiry by e-mail. Our Customer Support Department will be happy to attend you.

Washing and care symbols

  • What do Equipo DRT’s washing symbols mean?

    The washing symbols represent our recommendations for washing, use and care of the fabrics.

  • Can I trust them?

    Each fabric has different washing recommendations according to its composition and technical characteristics, so the symbols found on the labels are reliable as long as the instructions are followed carefully.  When in doubt, dry cleaning is always a safe choice.

  • Do all fabrics shrink after washing?

    Just a few fabrics shrink after washing, and it is always indicated on the labels. Natural fibers like linen can shrink a 3%, while synthetic fibers like polyester do not shrink at all. Some fabrics can only be drycleaned.

  • What does the “pattern direction” symbol mean?

    The “pattern direction” symbol indicates the direction of the fabric’s pattern, taking the edge as a reference. It can be horizontal, vertical or neither.

  • Can a curtain be washed and ironed once it is made up?

    Before cleaning a curtain or an upholstery fabric for the first time, it is recommended to consult with a professional. Generally, many fabrics can be cleaned in the washing machine, using a short washing program with cold water and no tumble dry, and can be ironed at low temperatures.

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