San Carlo Plomo

San Carlo 988 Plomo
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San Carlo 988 Plomo San Carlo 988 Plomo

San Carlo

988 Plomo

Reference: 19871

Quality, plain cotton velvet. Heavy, opaque upholstery fabric for sewing and upholstering sofas, armchairs, dining chairs and cushions. Also suitable for curtains. Not washable, dry clean only. The historical “Teatro di San Carlo” in Naples, has inspired the creation of this extraordinarily luxurious velvet collection, by Equipo DRT. More colours avalaible.

  • Composition 100% Cot.
  • Width 140 cm
  • Weight 560 gr
  • Horizontal/Vertical pattern repeat no direccion del dibujo
  • Martindale 50000
  • Valid for Upholstery Bed cloth
  • Remarks Soil release
  • Made in EU
  • Care Instructions Don't wash with water Don't use bleanch Don't use iron Requires special dry cleaning P

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