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17 october 2013

Colour trends Fall 2013: dress up your home with new season upholstery and drapery fabrics!

Colours, prints, patterns, textures, … Interior design trends for this season are plenty of new ideas to refresh and revitalize your home. Take a glimpse of what is fall’s colour palette and vision… Fancy adding a bit of colour to your life?

Fall changes the rhythms of our cities, our everyday lifestyle and our homes. New colour and feelings envolve us with the warmth of comfortable clothing, of brand new jackets, coats, scarves and gloves. The new scent of wet earth and streets becomes our everyday perfume.

The spirit of new interior design style enhances the rol of colour. New colour palette embrace our senses and personalize Fall 2013: Pantone Fashion Color Report Fall 2013 goes for Linden green, Mykonos blue, Acai, Vicacious and Turbulence.


And what’s the key to bring these colours to our scheme? Equipo DRT suggests the following decorative fabrics: prints, sheers and upholstery. They will bring the autumn touch into your home decor.


LINDEN GREEN: great option for your main room


  1. Licuala turquesa print
  2. Lorena multicolor sheer
  3. Eboli oliva upholstery

Plants are always refreshing and uplifting. Green is ideal for your home. This stunning print, Licuala, pleases every single ambience with its personality. The pretty multi-colour Lorena sheer coordinates perfectly with it. And what’s more, it is a stylish fabric for your curtains, upholstery our even tablecloth.


MYKONOS BLUE. Sumptuous personality of Gran Mogol.


  1. Gran Mogol print
  2. Nobu azul
  3. Sheer Alsacia ultramar

Take a modern twist with the Mykonos blue. Accents in energising shades of blue mixed with the dramatic Gran Mogol print. Bring depth and elegance, with an oriental touch, to your hall or dinning room with it and let your imagination run free.

If you love “garden rooms”, this floral print, Nobu azul, is the perfect way to invigorate any corner. Mix it with Alsacia ultramar, one of Equipo DRT’s must-have for the fall 2013.


ACAI. The tasty dark violet tropical fruit becomes colour.


  1. Carioca malva print
  2. Split uva sheer
  3. Nando malva uphosltery

The colour of this super tropical fruit is one of the upcoming colour trends not only for fashion but also for interior design. Discover the new look of your living room, master bedroom or home office.


VIVACIOUS. Nothing more needs to be said!!


  1. Avalon Trevira CS sheer
  2. Laurisilva fucsia upholstery
  3. Macedonia ciclamen upholstery

No room can resist the trend of Vivacious. Vibrant, bold and beautiful, this colour will bring a freedom of expression to your scheme. We absolutely agree with Pantone Fall 2013 trends. And We absolutely love our upholstery fabrics Laurisilva and Macedonia and our sheer Avalon. So stylish and elegant at the same time… hard do choose just one!


TURBULENCE. Determination, tenacity and enthusiasm: key to success in any job.


  1. Tamerlan print
  2. Amberes vison decoarive fabric
  3. Leeds humo sheer

Strengthens, personality, elegance, sophistication, confidence… that’s what Turbulence colour brings to our minds. The perfect shade for your workroom or office space. Equipo DRT’s Tamerlan print, Leeds sheer and Amberes fabric will add character and style to any workroom.



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