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‘Dare to combine’, the heart of Equipo DRT’s new corporate image
8 may 2019

‘Dare to combine’, the heart of Equipo DRT’s new corporate image

Within the framework of Equipo DRT’s philosophy and hallmark of creating fabrics that speak, listen, decorate, and inspire, we are taking another step forward as a company by reinventing our visual identity.

Under the direction of Cuatro Cuartos, we are launching a new image for our textile firm, one that is more inspiring, sustainable, committed, subtle, and delicate. Because time moves on and interior design evolves and grows, so does Equipo DRT.

Finding solutions and bringing life to different spaces is both our goal and our daily challenge; for this reason, we wanted to make this aspect of what we do more visible. “Dare to combine” is the culmination of our knowledge of textiles and our vision for the environment. We wish to offer ideas that inspire and excite those who, like us, live in a textile dream; a dream in which we experience both the passion and delicacy conveyed by flowers, moodboards, and various fabric combinations – the new protagonists of our brand.

All of this can be felt in the subtle shapes that our most sinuous fabrics suggest, in the projects and spaces that define our creative spirit, and in the colors that enhance our true Mediterranean identity.

And it can also be felt through the commitment reflected in our recycled fabrics: I USED TO BE TEXTILE & PLASTIC WASTE. This is the primary image of our new corporate line and proof of our firm belief that design can make the world a better, more beautiful, and more comfortable place. #DareToCombine


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