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Equipo DRT to add a splash of color to the ARCOmadrid 2020 VIP Lounge
12 march 2020

Equipo DRT to add a splash of color to the ARCOmadrid 2020 VIP Lounge

Interior designer Teresa Sapey has been chosen to decorate the VIP Lounge of the IFEMA with fabrics created by Equipo DRT. The textile company’s presence at ARCO, one of the world’s foremost contemporary art exhibits, gives them a chance to show off their new fabrics.

ARCOmadrid, the International Contemporary Art Fair, will take place at the IFEMA from the 26th of February until the 1st of April. Equipo DRT will participate in the event, hand in hand with the RED-aede association.

Various vibrantly colored satin fabrics will decorate the ARCO VIP Lounge, bringing the space to life thanks to interior designers and architects Teresa Sapey and Rafael Robledo. This project wouldn’t have been possible without the participation of 17 other Spanish design firms such as Joquer, Estiluz, Actiu, LZF, Kriska, Carmenes, Akaba, Diabla, Nerinea and Ondarreta.

Photographs: Claudia Maturana y Asier Rua

ARCO_Sala VIP-RED-EQUIPODRT-bonn (11) teresa-sapey-equipodrt arco-joquer-equipodrt-teresa-sapey ARCO-EQUIPODRT-teresa-sapey

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