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Sarabande, the dreamy dancing fabric collection by Pappenpop
1 january 2017

Sarabande, the dreamy dancing fabric collection by Pappenpop

Equipo DRT unveils the collection ‘Sarabande’. Composed of seven perfectly designed printed fabrics, the collection pictured by the graphic artist Pappenpop catches people’s eyes with its delicate beauty. Sarabande dance captures us with its slow tempo.

Inspired by the Dutch Golden Age painting and the architecture of most emblematic and impressive buildings in the city of Valencia, Sarabande uses latest digital painting techniques to combine textile design and traditional pictorial language in

The sensuality of languid and fluid dancing rhythm is the primary source of inspiration for Sarabande, the collection of decorative fabrics for drapery, cushions, bedspreads or upholstery designed between Pappenpop and Equipo DRT.

The work showcases very sophisticated designs, mixing organic and geometric patterns, textures and rapports in Kansandra, Dandelle, Dorinde, LaureanKuriakin, Lalaika and Alisee fabrics.

Sarabande collection stands out not only for its innovative designs, but also for its technical specifications. These 300cm wide digital print  acoustic fabrics are also fire retardant. Sarabande is conceived to meet the requirements for both residential and contract projects.

Decorating with Equipo DRT new fabric collection transports us to an imaginary world at the rhythm of a Sarabande movement. A dance where men and women act together, performing the dance of elements which blend to create the steps and choreography at the rhythm and beat of a melody. To bring to life this new fabric author’s collection. Sarabande, dancing textiles.


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