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18 july 2013

Fabrics and Colours this Spring-Summer 2013 season

The start of a new and exciting season is always a good time to renew the look of your curtains and windows. They will change the entire atmosphere of your home and office! Because as you already know… fabrics talk, listen to you, decor and inspire… 

As a new season approaches, the latest fashion and textile design trends become the focus of all glances. Window displays, magazines, fashion blogs and hardings are full of textile references, introducing us all the hottest trends for the season. And so our wardrobes and outfits, the most benefited, are plenty of light and colour.

Pretty much the same thing happens with soft furnishings: fabrics, sheers, curtains, upholstery and wallpaper will change accordingly, bringing into your home decor the same colorful and bright ideas. That’s why Equipo DRT, fabric editor, works hard every single season to amaze you with its new fabric collection, a top quality, stylish and cool collection to have fun with and to decorate your home and office.

For its Spring-Summer collection, Equipo DRT has selected fabrics and designs that match perfectly new season’s colour scheme: ‘Monaco blue’, ‘Tender shoots’, ‘Poppy red’, ‘African violets’, ‘Nectarine’ and ‘Grayed jade’.


2013 Spring Pantone Fashion Color Report

Bold and vibrant hues for upholstery, prints and solid fabrics will inject a breath of fresh air inside your home and will change your mood: colourfull curtains will look so good. Lampshades, sofas, armchairs and cushions splashing colour all around!!! Be mad about color!

We want to help you select the fabrics that suit your decorating style. This is our favorite color palette for Spring-Summer 2013:


Blue is always sober and elegant. It takes a new dimension with this maritime hue. Equipo DRT’s ‘Monaco Blue’ fabric selection:

  1. Upholstery Esmirna ultramar
  2. Uphosterly Ikat ultramar
  3. Uphosterly double wide Tyris jeans

‘Monaco blue’ textiles


Vibrant yellowish green, so acid and chic this Spring-summer season. These three designs bring a wide variety of options for your home, adding an ethnic and floral touch.

  1. Upholstery Izmit
  2. Uphosltery Astrakan pistacho
  3. Print Soho pistacho

‘Tender shoots’ textiles


Red colour represents a great personal and creative power and confidence. It doesn’t matter if it is your lipstick, you car or your curtains. There is no doubt about it! This is our ‘Poppy red’ selection:

  1. Print Symi coral
  2. Upholstery Panamá granate
  3. Uphosltery Izmit fucsia

‘Poppy red’ textiles


Violet hue is always warm, inviting, happy and cozy. This season, ‘African Violet’ is happier than ever thanks to combinations like this:

  1. Print Carioca malva
  2. Upholstery Oroneta violeta
  3. Sheer Dunas malva

‘African violets’ textiles


If we should go for just one colour this season, it will definitely be ‘Nectarine’. Fresh, delicious and bright, there’s no more left to say about this trendy hue. Let’s refresh and restyle our curtains, our pillow, or our puff with a “nectarine” coloured fabric. Sure it will be in the spotlight for a long time!

  1. Upholstery Marc naranja
  2. Uphosltery Dedalo arcilla
  3. Sheer Victoria naranja

‘Nectarine’ textiles


And here comes the ‘Grayed Jade’, a favorite coulor of us and one more of the big hit this Summer. Its harmony, delicacy and genuineness make of this colour a winner for your soft furnishings. Can you see any of this fabrics decorating your bedroom, kitchen or dinning room..? Bet you will find the best place for it! Could it be the wall?

  1. Wallpaper Agua verde
  2. Print Fontainebleau jade
  3. Print Argos jade

‘Graded jade’ textiles

What do you think of this? These are just some ideas for curtains, sheers, upholstery… Open your mind and find much more vibrant ideas and fabrics in our on line catalogue at www.equipo-drt.es. Embrace design and decor! Start playing and enjoying!


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