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Selva curtain 880 Multicolor

Ref. 20663

Selva represents a universe where exotic plants, curious animals and colourful forest fairies emerge and give way to an organic world full of colours, vitality and happiness. An enchanting new world created by the artist Julieta XLF. An imaginary world flourishes combining graffiti colours techniques with pure hand drawing designs. Selva, an exciting and colourful design joins Equipo DRT’s exclusive print collection.

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100% Trevira CS


300 cm.


560 gr.

Horizontal/Vertical pattern repeat

Valid for


With Leadband Class 1

Care instructions

Other colours

880 Multicolor


880 Multicolor

Ref 20653

225 Cobre


225 Cobre

Ref 20654

336 Indigo


336 Indigo

Ref 20662

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0735 Unico

100% Trevira CS

Ref 20627

330 cm

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