Tapicería terciopelo ornamental floral Gozzoli

Gozzoli 0735 Unico
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Gozzoli 0735 Unico Gozzoli 0735 Unico Gozzoli 0735 Unico Gozzoli 0735 Unico Gozzoli 0735 Unico Gozzoli 0735 Unico Gozzoli 0735 Unico Gozzoli 0735 Unico


0735 Unico

Reference: 21616

An exhuberant upholstery fabric in Jacquard velvet, Gozzoli gets its inspiration from the sixties’ esthetic, with a two-colored, raised oval floral motif with a small repeat. This rich fabric comes in a 140 cm. width with a heavy weight and full body perfect for upholstering dining chairs, sofas, and armchairs. It can be paired with plain fabric as well as with our San Carlo velvet or floral designs like Mategna.

  • Composition 85% Pol. - 15% Alg./Cot.
  • Width 137 cm
  • Weight 514 gr
  • Pattern repeat 35 cm
  • Horizontal/Vertical pattern repeat horizontal
  • Valid for Upholstery
  • Care Instructions wash with water at 30º Don't use bleanch Cool iron Requires special dry cleaning P Don't use spin-dry Lay out wet and vertical

It matches with

Sade Azul velvet jacquard Fleu de Lis


335 Azul

Casanova, Velvet

  • Reference 20953
  • 79% Vis. - 21% Pol. (Fur 100% Vis.)
  • 140 cm
Tela cortinas textura Agora Greige


014 Greige

Agora, City Inspire

  • Reference 21316
  • 98% Pol. - 1% Lin. - 1% Lana/Wool
  • 340 cm
Tela para cortina ignífuga Rohe Natur


000 Natur

Arkitect, Rohe-Meyer

  • Reference 21510
  • 100% Pol. FR
  • 330 cm
Tela para tapicería Mategna Unico


0735 Unico


  • Reference 21615
  • 85% Pol. 15% Alg./Cot.
  • 137 cm
Tapicería lisa chenilla Altair Peonia


560 Peonia


  • Reference 21554
  • 60% Visc. - 25% Alg/Cot. - 10% Lin. - 5% Lana/Wool
  • 135 cm
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