Equipo DRT and its fabrics talk, listen, decorate and inspire.

The love for textiles and technical knowledge are the two pillars on which Equipo DRT develops fabrics for curtains and for upholstery.

Creating environments, bringing to life, feeling the fabrics, providing the spaces with imagination and the highest quality have characterized our textile company for more than 30 years. This is how we are. This is how we feel fabrics. Talking textiles.

Atlas by Vicent Martínez, the new fabric from Equipo DRT in which the design becomes a story

A new curtain fabric, the result of a collaborative process between Equipo DRT and the Vicent Martínez.

Wool curtains, the great natural thermal insulator to save energy in our homes.

Wool is a natural fiber that has many properties, one of which is well known, which is thermal insulation. We do wear a wool sweater when it starts to get cold. Well, we can do the same in our homes.

Almaty, 100% wool fabric.

A fine but very insulating curtain fabric, with a soft hand, available in gray and natural colours.

'Damero', the proto-rationalist collection from Equipo DRT

Damero, Gambito and Pomar are the three 100% linen curtain fabrics that make up the homonymous 'Damero' collection, the latest textile collection from Equipo DRT designed by Cuatro Cuatros.

Inspired by proto-rationalist geometrization, 'Damero' represents a textile innovation by making a natural fabric like linen its artistic and creative base.

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