Equipo DRT and its fabrics talk, listen, decorate and inspire.

The love for textiles and technical knowledge are the two pillars on which Equipo DRT develops fabrics for curtains and for upholstery.

Creating environments, bringing to life, feeling the fabrics, providing the spaces with imagination and the highest quality have characterized our textile company for more than 35 years. This is how we are. This is how we feel fabrics. Talking textiles.

AYA: upholstery fabrics that merge art and textile innovation

In the world of textile design, Equipo DRT presents its latest innovation: the AYA collection. A series of upholstery fabrics resulting from the combination of art and functionality conceived by the designer Vicent Martínez based on drawings by the artist Ana Hernández.

Roses and textiles are part of the history of weaving.

Upholstery fabric suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Roses and textiles are part of the history of weaving. Roses with contemporary neo-figurative lines and a classical memory.

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