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Take on the colour of Spring-Summer 2014
12 may 2014

Take on the colour of Spring-Summer 2014

Paloma, Dazzling Blue, Freesia… the rich hues, the subtle textures.. Colours are showing off personality and experimenting with new combinations for this new spring-summer 2014. Equipo DRT has a wide palette of fabrics and designs willing to colour the most subdued schemes.

Pantone’s palette for spring and summer season is steeped in colour. Although less-emphasized that its equivalent for 2013, it brings to this season a wide colour palette ready to combine, to savour and to enjoy as this season deserves: living them! Because fabrics for curtains 2014 talk to us in these colours:

Pantone 15-1225: Sand / Pantone 16-0000: Paloma

Sand and Paloma colours are a statement on the palette. Soft, warm and inviting colours are Equipo DRT’s colour proposal for its design Franky. A striped designed, semitransparent 100% linen sheer with a shiny effect which will add a touch of colour to every corner, making them more vigorous and intense.



Pantone 18-3949: Dazzling Blue / Pantone 18-0651: Cayenne

Always full of personality, powerful and sophisticated. The use and mix of rich reds and blues takes on a new dimension this season in interior design with Dazzling Blue and Cayenne hues. Equipo DRT’s fabric for curtains Kashmir is all about exoticism and ethnicism. This 100% embroidered linen with a lovely design transfers and irradiates its magic to every scheme.



Pantone 14-0852: Freesia

With a wide colour palette of 21 different hues, Savoy, a high-quality and soft muslin in 100% Trevira CS, stands out for its elegant transparencies, thanks to the thin threads of its structure and the high number of them per cm2. Its yellow version, in line with Pantone 14-0852 Freesia, emphasizes the vitality of every sophisticated atmosphere. And it must be pointed out that this fabrics is ideal for hospitality projects.



Pantone 17-1360: Celosia Orange

Alpes and Clio, or in other words, a colour palette of 12 hues to transform any scheme into a cosy and trendy atmosphere. Orange is one of the colours selected for the fabric Alpes, 100% polyester sheer with the soft texture of linen, as sophisticated as trendy for these oncoming seasons. And Clio, a technical textured fabric specially designed for children’s rooms decorations. No doubt Celosia Orange (Pantone 17-1360) takes to the stage with these two new textures from Equipo DRT’s 2014 collection.



Pantone 15-6114: Hemlock / Pantone 15-3920: Placid Blue

In case our aim is to let our imagination run wild and turn our daily surroundings into an idyllic summer enclave, fabrics Tallin and Riga are the key to get it: the colour palette of these hospitality focused fabrics is enhanced with pantone colours Hemlock and Placid Blue.

Riga, multicoloured watercolour striped sheer in high quality 100% Trevira CS, will make us feel like in the Estonian forests with its blue, green and purple hues, which reach its maximum richness and vivacity in Summer.

And from the Estonian forests to the Baltic Sea, reflected into the fabric Tallin and its diluted circles full of freshness and movement. A geometric pattern fabric in green and blue hue which combines perfectly, as Riga do so, with the fabrics Savoy and Savoy colour, for decorating any scheme and transform it into a truly unique atmosphere.



So as we can see, for this season we can’t miss, among this wide colour palette, the so popular sand, red and green hues. The unquestionable leaders of this 2014 soft colour palette proposed by Pantone and which adapts perfectly to Equipo DRT’s textile and decorative proposal. Fabrics for curtains to live in colour…



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