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Fabrics talking... in colour! Let’s add colour to 2014!
13 february 2014

Fabrics talking... in colour! Let’s add colour to 2014!

Talk, listen, decorate and inspire… in colour. This is Equipo DRT’s new interior design proposal for 2014. Top quality fabrics for curtains increased in value thanks to… colour.

Spanish neurobiologist Fernando Botella says ‘attitude is having a mental state to act in certain way; the brush our mind chooses for adding colour to our lives. And we have the ability to select these hues’.

This is the positive attitude and vitalist thinking Equipo DRT suggests for 2014: three brand new collections to start off the year with fun and joy: Alpes, Clio and Savoy.

And that’s how Equipo DRT launches three solid textured fabric collections that talk in colour so trendy this season. Lovely fabrics with engagement and personality, fabrics to seduce you, fabrics with colour and sensations….




Two variations of white and eight bright and vivid colours are the different shades of Alpes. 100% polyester fabric with a linen look. It is once the curtain is made when this fabric shows its full potential and richness.

Both, colour and texture, take with Alpes a distinctive tinge. Colours are the spotlight in your home and get a new luxurious stage: the combination of high quality fabrics with the vivacity and euphoria of colour.



Just the same in terms of textile richness and colour ambition is the fabric Clio. This collection of fabrics for curtains comes in four different variations of white (blanco, nature, bruma and cava) and eight bright and vivid colours.

We love this collection of reversible sheers; with their soft textures and extra layers, these fabrics bring a wide world of new possibilities to interior decor. Their wide colour palette makes them adaptable to any scheme. Get the privilege of colour for 2014.



Up to nineteen different hues for Savoy, a colourful high quality 100% Trevira CS muselin. Its elegant and delicate transparency is due to the thin threads of its structure and the high number of them per cm2. Equipo DRT suggests this solid sheer in a wide colour palette: piedra, lila, burdeos, rioja, geranio, coral, ambar, amarillo, pistachio, lago, esmeralda, valle, turquesa, indigo, vison, ocre, antracita, wengue and morado.

Its waterfall colour adds extra value to the technical structure of this fabric, a fabrics that is already over the top in terms of quality, texture and transparency.

Textures, colours, quality and senses. Discover it with Equipo DRT’s new 2014 collection. Fabrics talking in colour. Let’s go for … a colourful year!


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