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Mediterranean Magic Made into Outdoor Contract Fabric: Pireo
7 april 2015

Mediterranean Magic Made into Outdoor Contract Fabric: Pireo

Pireo; fabrics for outdoor contract use from Equipo DRT that speak a language of their own. «Pireo» is the Spanish word for Piraeus, the essence of the Mediterranean, with its magical waters and warm sun. Fabrics for decorating hotels, terraces and installations requiring Class I fire-resistant certification.

Pireo not only has a carefully construed design, it also boasts high quality material with the latest technological advances. It is fire resistant, with a 100% Tempotest guarantee, a guaranteed lifespan of 6 years against loss of colour, water and oil repellent thanks to its Teflon treatment, rot-proof and easy to wash.

In other words, fabrics from the Pireo collection couldn’t be more complete or better designed for decorating terraces, hotels, restaurants, swimming pool areas and open-air spaces. Whatever the requirements, whatever the demands, these fabrics allow maximum enjoyment of the summer sun and the summer breeze. Discover them today.

The colourways are white, natural, pearl grey, sea blue, anthracite, mink, cream, red and green, and they are designed to match outdoor furniture in perfect harmony, coordinating beautifully with plain outdoor upholstery and offering designs that are sure to set new trends in outdoor decoration.

In addition, the Pireo catalogue includes a chill-out sheer with an open-design micro-veil texture that’s totally sun-resistant, ideal for enclosing rest areas where you want a little sun, but not too much, a little shade, but not too much, without renouncing the gentle sea breeze.

Because Pireo from Equipo DRT focuses on the summer – let that sunshine in! – and our fabrics are meant to please. Are you ready for some cool decoration for your outdoor spaces? Summer’s coming, don’t be late.


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