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New collection - Altair, luxurious natural-looking upholstery fabric
24 january 2019

New collection - Altair, luxurious natural-looking upholstery fabric

Discover Altair, a plain, textured upholstery fabric with a luxurious pile.  Altair owes its refined, soft resiliency to its fine chenille threads. It’s a natural-looking fabric making it a perfect choice for sofas, armchairs, dining chairs and even wallcoverings.  It can be used to make curtains producing an enchanting effect thanks to its double-faced fabric, which does not require lining. 

Altair comes in nineteen colors ranging from neutral earth tones to black, lilac, Klein blue, grassy green, and bright oranges in between. Utility, elegance and luxury combined in one fabric bringing us closer to the stars, providing a wonderful atmosphere to any new decoration project.

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