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The Milan's Salone Mobile confirms that fabrics are “in style”
23 april 2015

The Milan's Salone Mobile confirms that fabrics are “in style”

The Milan’s Salone del Mobile is an essential event for the interior design industry. It’s the place where design, trends and international networking organizations join forces to bring bright ideas to life. This year we have discovered lots of fabrics for upholstery and curtains.

We were so excited to discover different schemes where furniture’s star pieces coexist with plants, home decor objects and different materials (wood, copper, marble) and fabrics. Amazing spaces  capture visitors who become part of this interior design scenography.

Soft textures are textile engineering works, full of nuances, small motives, stropicciato effects and also Channel inspired structures.



We have enjoyed watching sophisticated wool upholstery fabrics, solid velvets and prints, gorgeous and provocative tropical inspired drawings with flowers and leaves of different sizes and degradée colours. Curtains bright with embroidered linens, mesh textures and Cheviot designs.

However, if there is something important we need to talk about, that’s the colour palette we have seen there. Blue, yellow, lime, pink, red, orange and a wide variety of green shades. It’s all about pastel and powdered colours, matte effects and vintage-style.



Milan sets trends and we confirm this 2015 fabrics are so “in”. It’s time to enjoy decorating! It’s time to mix and match!

By Arantxa Porter

tags: curtains, decoration, design, Equipo DRT, fabrics, Isalone, milan, trends

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