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What's your colour? Spring is full of colours, and Pantone gives them names and numbers
4 may 2015

What's your colour? Spring is full of colours, and Pantone gives them names and numbers

Spring is full of colours, and Pantone gives them names and numbers. And at Equipo DRT, we combine them with our range of colourful decoration fabrics. Who said life was in black and white?

The recently deceased literary giant of Latin America, Eduardo Galeano, said «Each person shines with his or her own light. There are big fires and little fires, and flames of every colour». And there are colours for every person. Proof of this comes in the Pantone colour palette with new trends for Spring textiles.

It’s a chromatic array that presents soft warm colours for this season with no lack of magic and luminosity. This can be seen in the Equipo DRT fabrics we have selected for inclusion in our hefty Fashion Colour Report Spring 2015. Because colours are all the rage, and fabrics from this Valencian firm as well!


PANTONE 18-1438: Marsala


This is the colour for Spring 2015, no matter what. Without losing its flaming red strength, Marsala attenuates the vigour and reaffirms the warmth of this tone, with its own innate elegance.

Elegance possessed by Savoy Rioja, a 100% muslin curtain fabric in high quality Trevira CS with transparencies achieved thanks to the fine thread and the sheer number of stitches used.

Here is the Rioja colour, similar to Marsala, but this meticulously-made fabric for contract use is available in up to 21 colours.


PANTONE 15-1247: Tangerine

PANTONE 14-5714: Lucite Green

PANTONE 16-4725: Scuba Blue

PANTONE 16-1720: Strawberry Ice


If there’s one coloured fabric created by Equipo DRT, it’s Selva Magical, creative and inspiring, Selva symbolises the naturally exotic jungle universe where plants, animals and fairies live together in an organic world full of colours and life, power and joy, designed by the artist Julieta XLF. An imaginary world that grows from the inside to the outside, and where graffiti and colour join hands to present the skills of manual artistry. Standing out in this range are four from the Pantone list: Tangerine, Lucite Green, Scuba Blue and Strawberry Ice.


PANTONE 16-4725: Scuba Blue

The colours of the Baltic Sea are reflected in the Equipo DRT fabrics for decoration called Tallin-Mar, with all the fashion-appeal of Scuba Blue from Pantone. The colour, coolness and flow of the tiny circles on this fabric add to this printed geometric-design curtain fabric a halo of freshness, whimsy and depth that takes you to the shores of the northern seas…


PANTONE 14-4102: Glacier Gray

PANTONE 13-0720: Custard


In reality, we can associate this colour with the Tallin Mar fabric because of its greys in combination with «Baltic» blues. But the fabric where this colourway is used is in Butterfly Satin, a bid by Equipo DRT for printed butterfly designs with new colours that highlight the classical hand-created design inspired by ceramics, jugs and Oriental vases full of details that coexist with little birds and fruit standing out from the branches of what we can interpret as trees in a garden. An elegant, luminous and fully up-to-date Glacier Gray.



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