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Morgana 987 Antracita

Ref. 20929

The exquisite curtain fabric Morgana impresses with its combination of flower silhouettes and pixel-like elements, revealing its complete design when the light passes through it. At first glance everything is perfectly connected. Looking closely, the design will put all its charm on display, creating a singular decorative impact. Its richness and gracefulness is the singular result of combining opacity and transparency with burn out and printing techniques. Maybe this is not Morgana’s magic, but it looks like. Burn-out.

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60% Visc. - 40% Pol.


300 cm.


130 gr.

Horizontal/Vertical pattern repeat

Valid for


With Zincband

Care instructions

Other colours

000 Natur


000 Natur

Ref 20928

001 Blanco


001 Blanco

Ref 20927

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987 Antracita

100% Lin.

Ref 20700

140 cm

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