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Up Checks 002 Beige

Ref. 21084

Semi-dense check-patterned FR upcycled fabric.Both its slightly rough texture and its marbled appearance,coming from its recycled polyester yarns, give to this fabric a very natural look. Up-Checks, a unique recycled fabric, is a great choice for both private and public spaces seeking for natural look and committed to sustainability. Equipo DRT “Upcycled Textiles” eco-friendly collection increases with this new design. Up-Blues is available in 3 colours: beige, capri and nuez.

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100% Recycled Pol.


300 cm.


849 gr.

Horizontal/Vertical pattern repeat

Valid for


With zinc band

Care instructions

Other colours

230 Nuez


230 Nuez

Ref 21090

002 Beige


002 Beige

Ref 21089

342 Capri


342 Capri

Ref 21086

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