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Mantegna 0735 Unico

Ref. 21615

An upholstery fabric that looks as if it were hand-woven by an Italian Renaissance virtuoso, Mategna is our masterpiece, one in which the floral and plant motifs combine to produce an optical illusion that makes the pattern seem to go beyond the limits of the cloth itself. The fabric comes in a 140 cm. width with a heavy weight and full body that make it perfect for covering dining chairs, sofas, and armchairs. A marvelous fabric for creating rich and luxurious spaces, Mategna enhances the pleasure of decorating with the finest textiles

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85% Pol. 15% Alg./Cot.


137 cm.


900 gr.

Horizontal/Vertical pattern repeat

Rapport X


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Other colours

999 Negro


999 Negro

Ref 21542

0735 Unico


0735 Unico

Ref 21078

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