Equipo DRT - We are fabric editors

We are fabric editors

Equipo DRT, talking textiles

We are a global textile editor that talks about the latest trends in habitat through its fabrics. Our creative team articulates all our designs combining expert technical knowledge with a passion for textiles.

They draw their inspiration from the latest trends in fashion and interior design, bringing into full play the synergies with international markets, new developments in threads, weaving techniques and textile finishes.

Each of our fabrics (sheers, curtains, prints, upholstery, outdoor and contract) is born out of a constant desire for improvement and attempts to inspire the creation of spaces filled with imagination.

In the last 30 years, Equipo DRT has strived to evolve day by day, a philosophy that touches each of our fabrics. We always work next to our customers, learning constantly and trying to meet their needs. Without their support, Equipo DRT would have no reason to exist.

That is why we want to take another step to get closer to you and help you with your creative project, offering you design solutions and a fast, expert and professional service.

Equipo DRT and its fabrics talk, listen, decorate and inspire. 

We are a team

In Spanish, “Equipo” means “team”, and that’s exactly what we are: a team made of people, professionals passionate about home décor fabrics that accompany their customers through all the stages of their interaction with the brand.

We are an approachable, responsible and reliable partner that stays right next to you, from the creation of the fabric’s design to the final sale.

Through our global brand, we create a community with our customers, becoming fabric designers that talk for customers who are ready to listen.

We also listen to our customers, because we want to ensure their maximum satisfaction and help them succeed in their projects, which we feel lucky to be a part of.

Our greatest aspiration is to create a bond between our brand and our customers, uniting them in a team. 

Creative design process

We are global editors that carry out a complete creative process based on the analysis of the latest trends in habitat and our expert knowledge of threads, fabrics, textures and designs.

We believe that creating textiles is a comprehensive process that starts the moment they are conceived in our designer´s minds and ends when they become part of a project and bring it to life, talking, listening, decorating and inspiring.

Our commitment

In Equipo DRT, our commitment is focused on our customers. We work to integrate them into our team and accompany them through all the stages of their interaction with our brand, making sure that they reap the maximum benefit from the experience. With our textiles, we also talk, listen to and inspire those who trust our passion and our knowledge.



In Equipo DRT we put great emphasis on quality and exclusivity , both guaranteed by the Ethica-Tex seal. This logo represents an ethical code that promotes creativity and innovation, supports brand culture as a way to improve quality and competitiveness, demands compliance with industrial and intellectual property laws in the textile sector and encourages the dissemination of its principles.



  •  Guaranteed stock
  • Hand-cut fabrics
  • Packaging adapted to the characteristics of each fabric
  • 24-48 hours delivery
  • Three-year validity guarantee.
  • Personalized services tailored to your needs.

Upcycled-Textiles- EquipoDRT-RCS


Equipo DRT is a socially responsible brand committed to the protection of the environment that grows and updates itself through the development of essentially sustainable product lines. The most representative example is the project “Upcycling textiles”, which has promoted the creation of an “upcycled” business line with “Up” fabrics that speak of sensitive and sustainable design.

Through our fabrics, this commitment reaches all kinds of spaces: personal, professional, public and private. In Equipo DRT, we work to create textiles that turn spaces into places to be lived and experienced with emotion and commitment.

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