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'Animal print', be wild with the fall 2013 fashion trends
11 december 2013

'Animal print', be wild with the fall 2013 fashion trends

Zebra, leopard, tiger, ocelot… the wildest and impressively beautiful Savannah’s animals are the focus on the interior design schemes with brand-new and vibrant prints. The “animal print” hottest fashion trend comes alive, and makes your curtains come alive too! 

It has never gone out of fashion, however there are moments, or better to say fashion trends, when it gain more popularity. So here it comes! It is this fall/winter 2013 when animals will migrate from the Savannah to your living room: the wildest textile decorating ideas, while being smart and sophisticated.

Dinning rooms, offices, workrooms and commercial properties get the animal instinct. For this textile trend, Equipo DRT proposes its velvet designs ‘Cebra’, ‘Ocelote’ and ‘Dálmata': 140 cm. wide fabric in 100% cotton with 50.000 rubs. The “Animal Print” fabric collection for curtains and upholstery coordinates perfectly with Equipo DRT’ San Carlo solid velvet.


These textile designs for interiors are more than a trend-following idea. It’s a feeling that you get, a sense of freedom, the need to go wild and have the natural touch into your schemes, always being suggestive and harmonic.

Because zebras, leopards, tigers and ocelots can be your….docile and well-trained puppies! And without any threat or danger! Well… no danger but the relax and comfort of a natural environment thanks to these “natural prints”.

Animal-print-velvet-Telas-fabrics-EquipoDRT-leopardo Animal-print-velvet-Telas-fabrics-EquipoDRT-zebra

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