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Casa Decor Madrid 2016 puts Equipo DRT fabrics Rio and Paulova in the limelight
24 june 2016

Casa Decor Madrid 2016 puts Equipo DRT fabrics Rio and Paulova in the limelight

Spanish design firms gather once again in Casa Decor Madrid until next 26th June. With more than 4.000m2 decorated by top national design studios, Casa Decor Madrid is an unmissable event for Equipo DRT. 

Held at the Atocha 34 Palace House, the 52th edition of Casa Decor reveals Spanish interior design news and trends. Best brands and products, made in Spain, are in the limelight from 19th May to 26th June.  This XIX century unique building is, once again, illuminated with design.

For this edition, Equipo DRT’s fabrics have been selected for two interior design projects, as different as stylish.

Casa-Decor-2016-Madrid-EQUIPO DRT-RIO-TELVA

RIO COSMOS Casa-Decor-2016-Madrid-EQUIPO DRT-RIO

Rio Multicolor decorates Telva’s full of life porch, designed by Ana Pardo (Santayana Studio). A rich, colourfull and welcoming space vibrates with the powerful Rio print. This fabric, where wild parrots and foliage are intertwined, adorns the composition, enhancing its power and textural variety. Bold colours and eclectic pieces become a statement for both outdoor and indoor schemes if you dare to add bloom to your day to day life.

casa-decor-2016-silla-terciopelo-equipodrt Casa-Decor-2016-Madrid-EQUIPO DRT-MIGUEL MUÑOZ2

Equipo DRT style is also present in Miguel Muñoz decoration project for this edition. We present, as a demonstration, this fine art deco armchair upholstered with the fabric Paulova Antracita. Its reinterpretation of classic oval motives adds warmth to the pure and straight lines of this metallic piece. The result is an interior scheme with masculine elements where the elegance and beauty are just breathtaking.



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