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'Rojo' = design + Vinçon + Red-aede
24 july 2013

'Rojo' = design + Vinçon + Red-aede

Equipo DRT ‘rojo show’in Vinçon Barcelona – ‘Open the box’
Opening a box and discovering a whole new universe of textile possibilities. This is Equipo DRT’s inspirational proposal for ‘Rojo’ exhibition at Vinçon showroom. This is its way to get into the scene its essence, unmistakably perceptible in every single one of its fabrics.
For architects, interior designers and specifiers Equipo DRT brings a wide variety of textile designs and creations for high end home decor projects.


Products that “Studio Box” has gathered together in a small cube, as smart as the fabrics it enclosed. Dynamic, flexible and portable, this custom sample book is much more than that.
The thread of Studio Box’ story develops thought creative dreams, where fabrics create and decorate scenes and ambiences, adding their final touch and the quality and textile design that Equipo DRT involves.


“Open the box”, “find your inspiration”, “let’s enjoy”, “go for it”, “create again” and “to be continued”. Have fun opening this box full of textile dreams. Full of fabrics that talk, listen,
decorate and inspire. And this time they do it a new way, in the ‘#rojoshow’ way, the Vinçon version. Working together and joining forces for the very best habitat design.

Sala Vinçon Barcelona (Spain)

From 25th July – 28th September 2013




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