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fire resistant fabrics for curtains by equipodrt

Arkitect, the pocket tool from Equipo DRT for contract projects

06 June 2016

This catalogue offers the best selection of fire-retardarnt curtains from Equipo DRT.

40 curtain designs – 100% fireproof – Fabrics 300cm wide – Easy to carry, easy to use.

This is Arkitect, the new curtain catalogue from Equipo DRT, comprising 40 proposals for 100% Trevira CS or 100% Polyester FR curtains. It’s totally functional and conceived for all kinds of specifiers, from hotel procurement professionals to contract architects seeking high-quality designer products Made in Europe.

It’s practically a pocket-sized work tool that fits in almost any pocket or backpack, so you can take it with you and use it easily to select from fabrics like Basel, Berna, Omega, Samara, Kazan, Ufa, Spoleto, Clio FR, Calipso, Up-Twist, Helios, Cristal or Savoy.

Arkitect, the best selection of quality fireproof curtains Made in Europe from Equipo DRT, in a hand-held version.





fire resistant fabrics for curtains by equipodrt

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