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Atlas by Vicent Martínez, the new fabric from Equipo DRT in which the design becomes a story

03 August 2022

"Atlas is a hieroglyph of signs, in which an imaginary boat is sailing, looking for horizons and emotions for the years to come.” This is how the Valencian designer Vicent Martínez defines his work for Equipo DRT, an abstract design fabric for curtains with a figurative wink, a fabric that calls for an encounter with the imagination.

This new textile proposal is the result of a collaborative process between the brand and the author. For its creation, Equipo DRT has developed a new fabric base that has allowed to materialize the drawing, designed for environments with a young spirit, open to contemporary spaces where light is molded and sifted through the patterns of Atlas.

Designed by Vicent Martínez, based on drawings by Ana Hernández, doctor of Fine Arts Arts, Atlas is a proof of design turned into a story, in a new horizon of curtain fabrics. “His drawings remind us when we are looking at the clouds, contemplating them, a whole world passes by reflected in them.” 

A design for people who value harmony, nature, balance, health, dreaming… This new textile proposal from Equipo DRT is a fabric made of viscose polyester, with an advanced burn-out technique that allows hieroglyphics to remain in a subtle transparency. Atlas has "a technical perfection that does not overwhelm", details Martínez, National Design Award in Spain in 1997 and with several nominations Adi Fad, whose designs are included in various permanent museum collections in Cologne, Munich and Barcelona.

With this creation, in which art and technique are combined, new ways are born, the one of understanding the fabric as a support for innovation, with no limits and the one beyond its own verticality and the available space of the curtain.

New ways of making from a yarn a fabric and from a fabric…a story.

vicent-martinez-design-atlas-equipo-drt atlas-curtain-vicent-martinez curtain-atlas-vicent-martinez

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