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Bernia, reinventing polyester fabrics

06 October 2014

More abundant every day. More refined than ever. Offering subtly elegant results, There’s no doubt about it. Polyester is in fashion And for good reasons, too. The textile industry claims polyester excels because of its outstanding results and usability. Proof of this are the 8,323 kilos of polyester produced every single second around the world. And among these productions are the new Bernia polyester curtain fabrics – innovative new designs from the September 2014 Collection by Equipo DRT.

 According to the latest figures published, 42 million tons of polyester are estimated to be in production each year across the globe, compared to only 27 million tons of cotton. The lion’s share of this production comes from India and China and is used in the textile trade. That works out to no less than 8,323 kilos per second.

These are just a few of the data involved in the growing market for polyester – a highly resistant and non-wrinkling fabric developed in England in the 1930s, with fantastic usability, backed by the stability and consistency of its tactile and visual characteristics.

Up to a few years ago, polyester was not as highly appreciated as other fabrics such as linen and cotton. But today, improvements in production quality are facilitating results that make polyester increasingly appreciated by interior and other designers, brining polyester into the mainstream of today’s home textile projects.

That means polyester is now a prime catalyst in home decoration, contributing new trends and setting new tastes, while fuelling textile innovation in the home. As proof of this are the latest designs from Equipo DRT – the innovative September 2014 Collection called Bernia.


Bernia is not just a normal polyester. Nor does it have any old finish. The composition and weaving of Bernia makes this fabric semi-transparent, with a texture achieved by means of special twist of its polyester fibres, generating a subtle, shimmering effect that looks incredibly attractive. The colour range on offer (whites, crude, mink and pearl grey) and the appeal of each of these fabrics in home decoration are simply outstanding, any way you look at it. Bernia is much more than a curtain fabric. Bernia is more than just polyester. Bernia. Beyond polyester.

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