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COEX fire-retardant linen to be Equipo DRT’s star at InteriHotel

17 October 2017
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From October 25th-27th, the Barcelona International Convention Center (BICC) will host the InteriHotel hotel interiors fair. Equipo DRT will be there, exhibiting their textile creations in the Red-AEDE space. Among the products on display will be our Orfeo and Sarabande collections, as well as the firm’s latest technical innovation in textiles, Kibo COEX FR, a 100% fire-retardant linen.

Turning a hotel stay into an experience, developing and carrying out innovative hotel projects, and achieving the best results from illumination are only a few of the interesting topics that will be addressed in the new edition of InteriHotel.

Prepared to host more than 6000 international buyers, this event, a major reference in the  industry of hotel interiors, will be the one chosen by Equipo DRT to show off their most recent technical innovation, part of their latest collection, Sinua.

Kibo Coex FRis a fabric composed of 100% fire-retardant linen. Lightweight, sheer, and with a stonewashed finish, it produces a soft, draping effect.  Technical innovation at its best. Coex certifies that the natural fibres are treated and certified as flame retardant. This is possible thanks to a treatment applied, at a molecular level, to the properties of the fibre itself, without layers of finish on the fabric’s surface. The fabric burns but flame will not spread. It is therefore suitable for applications in collective spaces for those seeking to give spaces a natural look but must meet fire safety standards.


Equipo DRT will also be displaying various contract  fabrics and other designs from the firm’s latest collections. Orfeo, with nine innovative fire-retardant and noise-reducing designs, is the perfect fabric for avant-garde hotels looking to create a more elegant and natural look, while Sarabande combines decorative elements from traditional Dutch painting and Valencian architecture with the latest digital drawing techniques of the renowned graphic artist Pappenpop.

Categories Eventos

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