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Did you know that... Equipo DRT has become 25 years old and we are already #experiencingthe26th

27 October 2014

Nine “Did you know that…” paragraphs review the whole Equipo DRT’ story during these 25 years. Now, the company is already working on the major milestones coming up. #experiencingthe26th

Last June, Equipo DRT celebrated its 25th birthday. A long and recognized career with so many anecdotes and stories about its experience in the world of interior design. From the setting up of the company to the evolution of its logo. From the first international show where Equipo DRT was showcasing its collection to the best sellers in prints. An incredible world of curiosities we will be telling you about soon. Equipo DRT reviews its recent past and looks to the future with confidence. #experiencing the26th

Did you know that…? Equipo DRT’s first design was the fabric Chatelet. This hemstitched polyester-linen sheer had up to 5 different versions with embroidered floral patterns. The first best seller of Equipo DRT came to live thanks to our collaboration with the textile engineer Lisoni.

Did you know that….? Spain’s entry into the European Community in 1986 encouraged Equipo DRT’s  company founder, Pepe Terol,  to create and launch a new project, a project linked to his knowledge and passion for textiles. This impetus fuelled action led him to set up Equipo DRT in 1989 and to begin with his business trips route to United States (New York) and Portugal.

Did you know that…? Equipo DRT was officially launched in 1989 in Feria Valencia. This Spanish trade show “Textil Hogar” has always been a “one stop” fair for Equipo DRT. Textil Hogar, the Valencia’s international trade fair where Equipo DRT has participated until last edition.

Did you know that…? Equipo DRT’s fist logo was multicolor. A few years later, the acronym DRT (Designing and Making Textiles) was colored in blue and green. It took until 2008 to change again. This time, the restyling turned the logo into black. This is how Equipo DRT’s corporate image became what it is today.

Did you know that…? “Butterfly” was the first Equipo DRT’s print. It was designed in 1995 by Cres Muñoz, who has also created for the company great masterpieces. Just to name some: Gheisas, Gran Mogol or Licuala.

Did you know that…? Equipo DRT started its global journey in 1996 with TIP, the Brussels International Exposition show. And just a few months later it was the turn of Frankfurt. This is how Equipo DRT started its international trajectory, which received very positive feedback specially from Spanish and Portuguese customers form the very beginning.

Did you know that…? Equipo DRT bought its domain name in 1996, as its first step in world wide brand positioning. Last September,18 years after that step, Equipo DRT has launched its super user-friendly new site.

Did you know that..?  The ultratextured and supervoluminous linen-blended sheers marked a watershed in Equipo DRT beginning with  “Montealbano” and “Treviso” as main designs.

Did you know that…? Bonn fabric collection was launched 25 years ago. It is, without any doubt, one of Equipo DRT’s must haves. These fabrics will never be out-of-date. They are always appropiated to the trends each season brings, thanks to their elegant and beautifull look.


Follow next Equipo DRT’s “Did you know that..?”. The company is already working on it.


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