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Digital printing brings to interior design a whole world of infinite possibilities

18 September 2013

Roll and screen printing seem to be left behind. The digital era offers to the printing area a wide variety of opportunities, opportunities that have convinced the sophisticated textile industry. Now, fabrics for curtains are not just woven, they are also printed!

From the cave paintings of Atapuerca, through grandma’s hand embroidery to textile printing… As the centuries pass, technology evolves and creativity gets new dimension, leading us to a new giant step forward in interior design.


Gran Mogol curtain by Equipo DRT

We are surrounded by them 24/7: from the canvas wall display we saw this very morning on our way to the office, the printed shopping bag we got from the shoe store to carry our new high hills, to school bags.

Digital printing has revolutionized the Spanish textile industry in the last decade (Spanish textile industry ranks fifth in the textile market ranking, increasing at a rate of 870% from 2009 to 2013, as Pira International and FESPA investigations assure). Interior design industry embrace digital printing new advances: its boom and technical innovations which enhanced colour palette, and add high definition and superb quality to design.


So, taken full advantage of resources and knowledge of printing industry, interior design companies are enrolling into digital printing as it speeds up their development process of new collections, always with high definition and incredible quality, detail, contrast and colour palette.

These results can be obtained thanks to new sublimation printing systems, transfer printing methods, water-based inks and calender dye sublimation procedures which permit us to print on polyester fabrics with vibrant and bright colours

However, although polyester is the most popular fabric used for digital printing, we’ve got plenty of ink choices for every single composition:

  • Acid inks: silk, nylon, wool, polyamide
  • Reactive inks: cotton, viscose, silk, linen.
  • Sublimation inks: viscose, polyester
  • Disperse inks: polyester, polyamide


The main advantage of these inks is that they are eco-friendly (no toxic residues) with no solvent odor. There’s no doubt these inks will increase considerably it use for textile printing, interior design projects and textile decoration.

Equipo DRT, Spanish company designing fabrics for curtains, defined by its passion for textile quality and innovation, has already tried and tested the wide range of possibilities digital printing adds to its new collection 2013; its Gran Mogol design, has been printed on voile and velvet with this new printing technique.

Digital design industry’s new trends and techniques have largely been incorporated into the textile sector. Its deep experience helps the interior design world to create amazing fabrics for curtains and upholstery, with intense and fresh colours, efficient and better color fixation and washing resistance. A brand new world of bright possibilities for a sector which is in constant evolution.




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