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Equipo DRT becomes the online expert adviser on fabrics thanks to its new website

25 August 2014

If you are in any doubt about fabrics, interior design or soft furnishings, you have come to the right place! Equipo DRT, the global fabric editor which talks on style and décor trends through its designs, has a new website. This multi-device platform, so dynamic, functional and attractive, brings to us a new and unique experience; it can make textile designs come alive as never before: www.equipo-drt.es

We invite you to take a 360-degree virtual tour of Equipo DRT’s site, the online fabric expert, where you will find not only the fabric you are looking for, but also you will feel it and live it as never before. Do you want to join us? Just keep on reading…

Equipo DRT has celebrated its 25th birthday. Now it is moving forward, with a firm and decisive step, towards its 26th step, re-energized and injected with new ideas. That’s the reason why, in order to offer a great customer service and improve their offering, the company is going to launch its new website: www.equipo-drt.es

With the same domain name, but with a fresh and completely renewed visual structure (well-organized, easy to navigate and fulfilling the needs of customers), the new site wants to enhance its functionality and improve customer experience of those passionate for interior design. Just to start with, the new site is translated into Spanish and English.



Latest news/ new products

So, just at first sight, the site will feature the most recent Equipo DRT events and new collections. And what’s more, visitors will enjoy the view of some inspiring pictures truly connected to their philosophy: designing and creating fabrics that talk, listen, decorate, and inspire.



We are fabric editors/ We are a team / Creative Process / Our commitment

The idiosyncrasies of the company is highly detailed for every one who visits the site in the department “Talking Textiles”. Equipo DRT explains in depth how they work and articulate their designs: “drawing the inspiration from the latest trends in fashion and interior design, bringing into full play the synergies with international markets, new developments in yarns, weaving techniques and textile finishes. Each of our fabrics (sheers, prints, upholstery, outdoor, contract…) is born out of a constant desire for improvement and attempts to inspire the creation of spaces filled with imagination.”

The expert technical knowledge and the passion for textiles are the pivotal aspects on which their designs turn. Designing team’s creative process is fully reflected in Equipo DRT’s site, specially each of their commitments with partners, design, stock, customer service and the corporate social responsibility.

If there is anything that defines Equipo DRT is that they work hand in hand with their customers, learning constantly how to meet their needs. “In Equipo DRT, our commitment is focused on our customers. We work to integrate them though all the stages of their interaction with our brand, making sure they reap the maximum benefit from the experience. With our textiles we also talk, listen and inspire those who trust our passion and our knowledge”. It is also important to highlight the company offers the following services to their customers: guaranteed stock, hand-cut fabrics, packaging adapted to the characteristics of each fabric, 24-48 hours delivery, three-year validity guarantee and personalized services tailored to customers’ needs.

Moreover, the CSR has become more important over recent years for Equipo DRT. The company is a socially responsible brand committed to the protection of the environment. The most representative example is the project “Upcycled textiles” showcased during last Maison Objet trade show in Paris. This has promoted the creation of an upcycled business line with the environmentally sensitive and sustainable fabric collection “Up”. Equipo DRT grows and updates itself through the development of this essentially sustainable product line.



Curtain / Upholstery / Wallpaper / Trimming / Contract / Outdoor / Upcycled / Print / Studio / Studio Box / Velvet / New Collection

This will be Equipo DRT’ products and new collection classification. A large online library comprises the greater part of the site. The aim is everyone surfing the site looking for fabrics for curtains, sheers, prints, etc, will be able to find it as quickly and efficiently as possible. Every single product will have its definition, composition, measurements, colours and textures.

To do this, the new website includes a search engine which enables customers to search by colour, textures, keyword, measurements… Numerous aspects detailing Equipo DRT’s fabrics will help customers to find what they need.

Fabrics will be also classify by criteria like “highlighted”, “others”, “colour”, “collection” and “design”. This will widen the range of product and also increases the opportunities and makes easier the choice for customer




“Talking Textiles”

Fabrics, current events, international trade fairs, latest interior design and décor trends and news.. These are different topics you will find on Equipo DRT’s blog “Talking textiles”. Is was launched one year ago (www.taling-textiles.es) and from now on, you will find it integrated with the site.



Retailes/ Payment gateway

Equipo DRT covers several international markets in five continents. It has a broad presence in Europe, particularly in Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, Baltic Countries, Romania, Finland, Russia and the United Kingdom.

However, if those visiting the website are from any other country but want to enjoy Equipo DRT’s brand and textiles, there is no problem at all. Tell them where you are and what kind of product are you interested in an the company will gladly provide you with all the information you require “in a customized way and suiting your needs and tastes”. As Equipo DRT confirms, its greatest aspiration is to ensure customers’ maximum satisfaction and to help them to succeed in their projects. They want to create a bond between the brand and customers, working together as a team.

In addition, with the aim of simplifying the payment of customers’ purchases, the company is offering the possibility to pay online on the website thanks to their “payment gateway”. An easy and quick way to confirm and pay the orders.



Filling out a simple contact form will allow customers to get in touch with Equipo DRT. However, if any interior designer, retailer, architect… wants to have a direct approach, they can contact Equipo DRT by phone, fax or email, as it is fully detailed in the “Contact” area.



Equipo DRT’ social networks are, without any doubt, a successful way to interact with the company. Equipo DRT answers to all your questions daily, keeps you updated with interior design and décor news, events, international fairs, workshops.. Follow Equipo DRT’s endless stream of information related with fabrics for interiors!

Facebook: https://on.fb.me/U6oBUX

Twitter: https://twitter.com/equipoDRT

Google+: https://plus.google.com/+equipodrt

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/equipodrt/


Equipo DRT looks ahead and resolves any doubt that may arise whilst browsing the site or using their fabrics and design, Find all information you need in the area “Frequent questions”

You will find four different sections:

– Equipo DRT’s fabric, products and services

– Logistics: stock availability, price list, delivery time, sales point

– Technical issues

– Washing and care instructions (exclusively designed for EQUIPO DRT)

Therefore, just four sections will answer over a hundred of questions for you. These are some examples: “What can I purchase from Equipo DRT?”, “Is there any minimum in terms of quantity?”, “Can I request fabrics with the measurement I need?”, “How can I calculate the rapport of one design?”, “Can I wash the fabric once it has been manipulated?”

Equipo DRT’s dedicated expert team will answer any questions thanks to its website. It will offer you support, interior design solutions and options and fast and professional service.

Their fabrics talk, listen, decorate and inspire. And Equipo DRT is really looking forward to talking to you…

You should definitely visit them! www.equipo-drt.es #talkingtextiles #experiencingthe26th

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