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Equipo DRT’s curtain fabrics decorate and dress Architonic’s new showroom in Barcelona

02 October 2013

It is well-known it’s plenty of offices and houses surrounding us…. but there are also places that fulfil both duties warmly. We visit new Architonic’ showroom in Barcelona, a chic place amazingly decorated with Equipo DRT’s fabrics and much more top interior design brands as Lladró, Nani Marquina or MDF Italia.

We land in Barcelona. The fascinating city  on the shore of the Mediterranean sea, where the sun shines bright on an endless summer, welcomes us and leads us to an interior designs project enhanced with the warm touch of Equipo DRT’s fabrics.

The windows on the luxurious building’s façade, located 200m to the sea, reflects both perfectly, the yellow-toned daylight and our excitement. How amazing  new Architonic’s showroom will be?

Architonic’s responsible in Spain welcomes us. Architonic, one of the most popular and visited interior design’ site,  will have in Spain not only its offices, but also its home. The project is beyond inviting!

Furthermore,  some more prestigious brands, along with Equipo DRT,  have collaborated and created this incredible ambience: Nani Marquina’s astonishing rugs, Font’s creations for lighting, Santos’ amazing solutions for kitchens, Lladro’s unequalled handcraft porcelain or MDF Italia’s inspiring bookcases, just to name some!

Joan opens the showroom’s door, he welcomes us and smiles. But we also smile… what we see takes our breath away:



The immense meeting room is framed by beautiful mountain and seaside views behind the stunning curtains which adds to the place its identity. Caliope fabric in Champaign colour enhances the unique shades of the wooded floor and the intensity of the Mediterranean light. This design is a triple-layer fabric which creates an elegant and sophisticated combination of transparencies itself , at peace with the high-end furniture.

The meeting room’s curtain, more than 15 meters of fabric, converts this office into a home. No doubt this is an unique atmosphere where every single detail counts: the wall treatment, the paint, the lighting… all the pieces fit together perfectly.


To start with, the curtain making process combines three different techniques, one for each room (meeting room, office and master bedroom). The meeting room’s curtain has been tailored with pleated heading and lead band. This accentuates the lovely folds and drapes of the fabric and creates a graceful flair.



Delighted with the style, softness and quality this curtain radiates. The impact of sunlight on the fabric invites us to keep on walking towards the office.

For this scheme, the selected design is Mali wengué. This fabric is a mixture of natural fibres and semi-rough texture. A metallic thread on the warp helps to bring its  comfortable feel.

The window treatment design for the office is more casual, with informal heading and lead band. Once again, the way it drapes and the playful game between transparencies and light create and harmonious balance between the sunset and this contemporary decoration.


With this calm and relaxing scene in our memory, we decide to discover the master bedroom ambience. The sober bed and bedside tables and textured wallpaper combines with the aesthetic look of luxury bed linens and drapery. The balance between all the components used bring us back in time of the Ottoman Empire, to the ancient Syracuse.  The fabric selected for the scheme: Equipo DRT’s Neptuno panel, in silver hues.

Multifaceted stripes fabric. The designs Hermes is a sensational ottoman on a linen ground. For this ambience, the choice is an eyelet curtain with a contemporary matte steel rod set.


These imagines review our visit.  An award for an interior decorating project that has transformed a workroom into a home. A home into a place to daydream. A dream that has came true with Equipo DRT’s fabrics.

Approximately 50 meters of fabric, four different designs and three heading and window treatments transform these separate rooms in an absolutely charming atmosphere, Architonic’s showroom in Barcelona.

Our tour ends.  We take our belongings and say goodbye to Joan. We close the door behind us… We close our eyes too and hold our breath. And we smile. Well, the truth is we were smiling all the time.


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