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Equipo DRT revolutinises “UP”, its recycling polyester fabric collection, with two contract innovations: Up-Blues and Up-Checks

11 October 2016

Up Contract and Up Home are Equipo DRT’s upcycled fabric collections of recycled polyester. Now the company goes one step further towards its commitment to sensitive and sustainable design with its new creations: Up-Blues and Up-Check.

These two new fire retardant and eco-friendly fabrics are the perfect choice for soft and natural looking interiors.

Up-Blues has a slightly rough texture and a marble-like appearance. This fabric comes in three different colours: beige, natur and nuez. The design intertwines the sense of sophisticated texture with its natural look, both linked to the essence of “Upcycled Textiles” collection. Up fabrics are a great choice for both private and public spaces committed to sustainability.

Up-Checks has the unique and distinctive rough texture of “Upcycled collection”, but in this case, with a graphic check-patterned design available in three colors: beige, capri and nuez.

The most striking feature within these fabrics is that five plastic bottles are needed to create the recycled yarns for weaving one meter of fabric.

With Up-Blues and Up-Checks, Equipo DRT keeps raising awareness about social and environmental responsibility and brings alongside charming designs for habitability. This revolution, launched at Masion & Objet 2014 January edition, is constantly evolving end revolutionizing the textile industry and interior design trends.



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