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Equipo DRT launches new collection this September 2015: #ornamentalearth fabrics

28 August 2015

The Earth inspires the collection with its strength, its energy, its warm… and its embellishment. With September 2015 collection Equipo DRT declares the real connection between managing innovation and sustainability. New fabric collection talks, listens, decorates, inspires and influences every scheme with its philosophy “Talking Textiles”.

Six innovative fabrics, six inspiring designs linked by their natural essence and their cutting edge weaving techniques. These unique art pieces are conceived to decorate sensitive and sustainable environments. The collection is enhanced with a new velvet book containing twenty-six elegant and sophisticated 100% linen fabrics.

The ultra-textured fabric Ceiba represents the true contact with the roots of the Earth; the moiré effect of Moire spreads the sophistication and luxury of marble’s texture; Suomi with its urban introspection performs the perfect geometry of a futuristic city street-map; the refined warmth of Provenza reflects the Mediterranean essence; Justine with its ornamental damasks and delicate sinuosity; and Rio with its energy and power transport us to the most colorful, beautiful and intriguing places around the world. All these qualities take part and define the #ornamentalearth inspiration, connecting the collection with the creative process, with new ideas and with nature.





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