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Equipo DRT talks, listens, decorates and inspires. And so do their fabrics… Do you want to see it?

20 August 2015

Talking about fabrics is what Equipo DRT does in its day to day. And so do their designs; their fabrics talk, listen, decorate and inspire those who select them for their projects. Aesthetic qualities of national and international interior design projects are enhanced with the beauty of Equipo DRT’s decorative fabrics.

The creative process is born out of its 25-year expertise. Now, Equipo DRT, the global textile editor that talks about the latest trends in habitat through its fabrics, has captured its knowledge in this corporative video. It shows and explains how Equipo DRT’s philosophy touches each of their ideas, textures, designs and fabrics. The combination of its expert technical knowledge with passion for textiles articulates all their creative process and collections.

Equipo DRT gives full attention to every single step, from the initial design idea and sketch plan to the after-sales support. The firm is committed to work next to customers, offeringsolutions tailored to their needs, accompanying them during its complete creative process.


Equipo DRT has always bet on quality, creative work and original designs. These principles are supported and certified by the Ethica-Tex seal, which implies creativity and innovation, the promotion of the trade mark “textiles from Spain” to improve its quality and competitiveness, and it also ensures the exercise of fair competition and good mercantile practices.


Stock guaranteed

Cut by hand

Special types of packaging, based on the requirements of the fabric

Availability of the design guaranteed for a minimum of 3 years

Personal attention; network focused to meet each costumer’s needs.



Equipo DRT takes responsibility for its impact on society, making efforts to promote environmental protection. This is the main idea of its new “Upcycled textiles” collection, decorative fabrics which are sensitive, sustainable, reinvented, eco-friendly and full of true luxury.

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