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Equipo DRT to participate in INDEX Dubai

06 February 2018

Dubai in particular — and the United Arab Emirates as a whole — comprise an important business opportunity for Equipo DRT. For this reason, our textile company has decided to participate in the International Design Exhibition, or INDEX Dubai, where we will present fabrics that speak, listen, adorn, and inspire at the grand Dubai World Trade Centre from March 26th to the 29th.

Since 1990, this event has brought together exhibitors and clients from influential areas located in the competitive Gulf markets, including India, Pakistan, and North Africa. As the fair organizers boast, “One third of the world’s population lives less then four hours from Dubai,” making the city a true ‘hub of the Middle East’.

As a strategic meeting point in one of the most globalized cities in the world, an enclave in which textiles are a fundamental element in all types of decoration projects, INDEX Dubai is the perfect place for Equipo DRT to exhibit the new collections.

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