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Equipo DRT’s guide to Easy Care Instructions

03 April 2014

Equipo DRT not only cares about designing with love and passion their fabrics for curtains, they also think about you when it’s time for them to be described and launched. So, that’s why they guide you with their washing symbols: they are the clue for caring about your curtains and fabrics and prolong their real life.

The washing, dry cleaning, hanging and ironing procedures are as important (or even more) as the fabric itself. Following the washings instructions’ tips will help your curtains to maintain their original beauty and to prolong their life.


In order to manage this, Equipo DRT has developed these pictos: care symbols describing in depth every single product and creating different groups based on their use and decorative style of fabrics and wallpapers:


Washing symbols

Washing fabrics is always a delicate matter: will it shrink or will it become wider? Is it going to be deformed or maybe ruined? These questions arise quite often when it’s time to clean the curtains, draperies or bedspreads. Let these symbols clear all your doubts. They will help you and guide you with the appropriated temperature and wash cycle, with the bleach-safe washing and the hanging: basic simple questions with no so basic answers.



Dry cleaning symbols

The following 5 pictos are specially designed for dry cleaners. They will know how to interpret them and will wash your curtains accordingly. The only purpose is prevent damage: to dry cleaning with special agents or not will depend on the composition of every single fabric.



Ironing symbols

The same thing happens with the ironing. Should we use the steamer or not? High or low temperature? Ironing inside out or not?… You are not completely sure, so… find below the answer:



Drying symbols

Lay out wet and vertical, lay out wet and horizontal or lay our wet and in the shade. These are the three different specifications Equipo DRT establishes for drying and hanging their fabrics. This is one more process you must pay attention to before putting your fabrics in place once again.


Usage symbols: residential, outdoor or contract

Furthermore, Equipo DRT has developed three different groups of personalized symbols for their fabrics, depending on their use (residential, outdoor or contract), the pattern direction or in case they are special offers.

In case of residential fabrics, we can find various pictos identifying different uses: curtain, upholstery, bedspread or tablecloth. On the other side, contract or outdoor fabrics also have their own picto. They have one picto in common, the “fire retardant” one, a property contact fabrics must accomplish.

The pattern direction picto or the special offer one are two more symbols created by the company. However, we don’t talk only about pictos when they refer to fabrics, but also when we name and describe the wallpaper collections. Equipo DRT’s symbols point out they way wallpapers should be applied to the wall.

And this is just to make easier the enjoyment and use of Equipo DRT’s curtain fabrics. Because, as you can remember, these fabrics talk, listen to you, decorate and inspire… but now, they also inform you ;)


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