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Fil a fil, the essence of the curtain

27 May 2021

The Fil a Fil collection brings together the most careful selection of curtain fabrics from Equipo DRT. A proposal made up of sobering and timeless fabrics, in white and natural tones, which take us back to the origins of textiles.

With Fil a fil we enjoy each fabric for what it brings to the table. Fabrics that are more or less transparent, to help us with privacy in our spaces. Textiles with more or less texture – or even completely smooth – for a seamless coexistence with the rest of the objects in our spaces. Fabrics with more or less linen, so that we can personalise our spaces to meet our comfort needs.

This is a collection designed to be ever-lasting. If we take care of the fabrics, and follow the washing instructions, both the fibers and the colours will remain unaltered, extending their lifespan.

Treviso, Siena, Gales, and Escocia. Antibes, Lyon, Saboya, and Sorrento. Aneto, Teide, and Montgo. Praga, Gredos, and Tebas. Entirely unique, exquisite, durable, and comfortable fabrics to create an atmosphere of discreet luxury. In short, 100% fabric, 100% curtain.

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