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Gastronomy and textile design: wine-pairing of haute cuisine and high-end decoration

15 November 2013

Here comes the Decalogue for the common points between “the elaborate and skilful manner of preparing food” and the process of crafting and developing new fabrics for high-end interior design projects. The brain storm began when we were at dessert during a business lunch. So we started to appreciate the similarities …

“Top Chef”, “Hell’s kitchen”, “The Chew”, “Steve Harvey’ show”, “Great British Menu”, … and so many international cooking television programmes teaching us (once we take the cooking apron, and so many and diverse utensils and tools) how to become “Master chefs”.

Arroz verde con champinones y fresas con telas visllos EquipoDRT

This culinary abundance was brought up in our discussion a couple of days ago during a business lunch: are there to many cooking programmes on TV? Are they really that different or not? are they a helpful and teaching tool?… Obviously, as one would expect, answers of all sorts came on stage. However, we discovered gastronomy and textile design have a common denominator. Let us explain it with this gastronomy – textile peseudo-decalogue:

1. Cooking and textile designing, the creativity index

Cooking an elaborated and exciting dish and designing a new fabric collection are both managed by our creative thinking skills. The imagination, inspiration, sensibility and the joy for the aesthetics are tailored perfectly for creating a well-thought out product, where every ingredient fits together perfectly for a success.

2. Mixing ingredients / Mixing textures

Ingredients and textures are certainly the main part of the creative process. It may, however, be said that one should know in advance how they fit together for the best result. So blending ingredients and combining fibres are also similar.

3. Cooking and decorating, indulge your senses

Equipo DRT’s team truly believe fabrics talk, listen to you, decorate and inspire. Same happens with groceries. Each ingredient exude a sensation, they inspire us in a different way. Their wide range of colour, textures and shapes will be used for adding a special touch to the table.

4. Food, fabric and their socio-cultural factors

It is amazing to see different foods from all over the world, how different they taste, their flavour, their spices and ingredients, their textures, etc.

Same happens with fabrics. Cultural practices and social factors have their influence in the interior decorating process. And that’s why we won’t find the same schemes and trends in Germany, Japan or US: sheers, prints or upholstery designs are perceived as different identities. We face the same issue with colour palettes and patterns. It is close to this idea how certain colours are more common in some countries, for example varieties of the colour yellow in Italy, mauve in UK or blue in Spain or Greece.


5. The experience, a key to success

The good taste, experience and skills of the chef and designer are the key. They cleverly enhance their creations with their unique ability, mutating the daily menu in a mouth-watering experience.


6. Gourmet food / high-end home decor fabrics

Ingredients are not all the same in terms of quality and performance. The same happens with fabric ranges; we can find different qualities. As far as we are concerned, we are very proud to work with “gourmet fabrics” and making the maximum for offering the “best recipes” for the top decorating projects.


7. Tasting & smelling / Seeing & Touching

The combination of senses and taste is essential to enjoy cooking. Therefore, the combination of touching and seeing is essential for discovering the pleasure of decorative fabrics. Savouring, feeling the scents, embracing textures.. getting the inspiring experience.


8. The satisfaction of a well-prepared dish or a fabulous and detailed scheme.

The greatest satisfaction of a well-prepared and cooked dish and the warmth and personality of decorating with textiles. The great masters live and enjoy every single one of their handcrafted pieces. Don’t you feel the same when you redecorate your home?

9. The satisfaction of a job well done

Conscientiousness, diligence, professionalism, seriousness and reliability. All these key-skills add value to the meticulous elaboration of a dish or the designing process of a decorative fabric. Every single detail counts and adds value, don’t forget it!

10. The moment you lay on the sofa after..

a “degustation dinner” or hanging your new tailor made curtains. Take a break. Breath in and out, look thought the window and enjoy the view. Both the landscape and the fabrics hanging are even more beautiful now, after a very well done job.

Medallones de merluza con fresas con tela vsillos espiga EquipoDRT

Perhaps, we could find more common points between gastronomy and interior design, between dishes and fabrics, ingredients and fibres… No doubt. We’ll keep an eye on it!


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