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How to transform your living room into a green garden with… curtain fabrics

03 December 2013

There is an outside wild world waiting for us, constantly readapting to climate changes. But.. why should we wait? Why should we go outside to enjoy the outdoors and landscapes? Home decor trends bring you the answer with newest refreshing nature-inspired motifs. The “must-have” in soft furnishings.

One of the new trends in soft furnishings for this season, as Hemtextil international trade fair points out, is the explosion of tress and leaves prints on fabrics for curtains. The nature is a source of inspiration for this new scheme. However, in this case the sweet and subtle flowers and leaves give way to big and sumptuous trees and plants.

Licuala fabric by EquipoDRT

“Licuala” and “Patmos” are two designs from the astonishing Equipo DRT’s 2013 print collection. You can enjoy the garden’s beauty and atmosphere not only outside, but also inside: your home will look more cheerful than ever before.

Pleasant, inspiring, fine. These printed fabrics recreate natural ambiences while turning living rooms or bedrooms schemes into relaxing and habitable indoor gardens.


This way everyone can enjoy nature. The peacefulness and freshness it transmits make of these prints a great choice for the decoration of hotels, restaurants, workrooms and offices. Interior design schemes with a bright and bold touch of fresh air.

No doubt this trend, this must-have, will live up your home, in a natural and elegant way.


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