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Linen, natural luxury....

12 August 2013

Subtle, elegant, clean, comfortable… just to name some of linen’s properties. This very fabric of history has pleased the eye of Egyptian kings, princes of the Renaissance and masters of haute couture and interior design.

The history of Linen was sent by fax to the offices of Equipo DRT, and now, 14 years later, we want to rediscover this breathtaking story about one of the greatest gifts of nature, Linen.

Linen has so many amazing properties. To produce it, textile flax is not cut, but pulled from the ground to preserve the long, full length of the fibres. Nothing is wasted; from the seeds to long or short fibres ready for weaving, bleaching, dyeing, twisting, polishing, finishing.. all parts of this most useful plant are used for ropes or paper, soak, inks or paints.

However, what it really takes our attention is the linen fabric itself, as it gives Equipo DRT great satisfaction. Linen is one of the most desirable fibres in all the world, its luxurious texture, its comfortability and the supreme elegance it radiates along with its uncommon strength make of Linen fabrics a great treasure for your homes, as they evolve the whole atmosphere with beauty and delicacy.


Clean and comfortable

Linen is very strong and durable (besides its delicate appearance). The harder you use its garments, curtains, tablecloth, etc the softer they get . Linen fibre absorbs and holds up to 20% of its weight in moisture before it feels damp, as it releases its moisture into the air to remain cool in summer.


Although we are used to see linen in white or natural, it is incredibly beautiful in a wide range of colours, from earthy to vibrant and eye-popping shades. It is also non-allergic and naturally insect-repellent, making of this fabric a perfect one for your terraces or country homes.


Dry cleaning is recommended for linen fabrics. Equipo DRT hardly recommends to follow washing and care instructions to avoid creases and stains.

We can talk endlessly about linen and its properties, but we don’t want to spend more of your time. However, we admit that Linen is one of Equipo DRT’s expirations for our textile designs, top quality fabrics and high-end decoration projects. Fabrics as Flandes, Indy, Asuan, Cairo and Nilo.



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