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30 June 2014

Fontainebleau, Geishas and Gran Mogol; Equipo DRT’s printed fabrics are much more than this. These designs and prints, with so fine and realistic-looking strokes and the lovely colour scheme hand-picked by the designer transform these decorative fabrics.

“People should talk less and draw more. Personally I would like to renounce speech altogether and, like organic nature, communicate everything I have to say visually”. This is what the great novelist and natural philosopher Johan Wolfgang Von Goethe used to say. At Equipo DRT we completely understand this quote. This idea is further highlighted by Equipo DRT’s prints Fontainebleau, Gran Mogol and Gheisas. Get inspired and become passionate about colour with these fine and breathtaking designs.

These three hand drawn creations by Cres Muñoz are Equipo DRT’s print collection treasures. They capture the beauty of classical art and paintings, so closely linked to the unique decorating style of Equipo DRT.

Let’s start with Fontainebleau. This toile de jouy makes us perceive and feel its cozy warm atmosphere, bringing every single scheme to live. Its artistic expression emphasises the sensibility of these women walking through a garden. We can appreciate the light touch of the wind in their clothes, creasing them softly. Its colour scheme enhances the romanticism of the picture itself with its jade green, capri blue and mauve shades.


The same feeling overcomes us with Gheisas. This chinoiserie recreates popular pictures of the daily live of the Japanese artists of XVIII and XIX centuries. The hand drown Gheisas motives, so exquisite and elegant, are the vivid image of these delicate and dedicated and women. Equipo DRT’s Gheisas are dressed in brown, gold, beige and black.


However, if we should speak about the most colourful print, there is no doubt, Gran Mogol is the one. This 100% stone washed cotton fabric is a great example of an hyper realistic work. The great wisdom of the designer’s stokes, so fine and majestic, bring not only the human figures and animals into life but also the front facades of the palaces. It is so easy to imagine elephants, horses and their riders moving forward into battle. The new masterpiece of Equipo DRT’s print collection.


Van Gogh – impossible to conclude this post without him – wrote to his brother Theo this motto for life: “Not a day without a line”. And we humbly add “not a line without sense and sensibility in every single design, in every single print, in every single fabric”.


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