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PayaSOSpital proudly wear their new costumes made from the fabrics of Equipo DRT

11 May 2017

The fabrics of Equipo DRT talk, listen, decorate and inspire. And sometimes they also take part in supportive and charitable projects, as on 9 April, when the Repunt Party was held for the fourth time in Valencia. The participants at the party sewed costumes and fabric accessories for the NGO PayaSOSpital to enable their clowns to dress up to the nines when delivering a dose of hope to children in hospital.

Equipo DRT donated the firm’s fabrics for this initiative, which originated in 2011 when two friends, together with their sewing machines, decided to mobilise a group of people with their respective machines to sew together. They thus revived their craft at a gathering that gains more followers every year and which this year has added a beneficial cause.

repunt party equipodrt

The clown doctors, who help to brighten up the time children spend in hospital, wear the same lab coats as the medical doctors but those of the clowns are bright, colourful and fun, hence the use of different fabrics in collage. Each costume was put together by groups of two or three seamstresses to carry smiles to the hospitals.



payasospital batas

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