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Polynesian Tiki culture’s prints: from interior design to fashion trends

15 July 2014

Licuala, Brasil, Kentia and Tiki … They instantly remind you of tropical landscapes, don’t they? Of course they do! These tiki-inspired prints by Equipo DRT take us to a tropical interior design scheme. Indulge your taste for tiki prints this summer in both interior design and fashion.

Spring/summer 2014 chicest fashion trends are coloured by a mix of plants and leaves prints and patterns. Tiki-inspired printed shirts, skirts, jeans, shorts, mini dresses and accessorizes decorate the streets of every single city. This new urban fashion trend it’s no-so-new for interior design; tiki-inspired motifs have been used for decorating fabrics for decades.

If we study in depth Equipo DRT’s print collection, we will find amazing tropical prints, as Equipo DRT has always bet on creative work and original atmospheres for their designs. Just to name some, Licuala, Patmos, Brasil, Kentia or the Tiki print itself are great examples of this inspirational trend.


Therefore, colourful tropical plants with long and thin leaves, foliages from deep to intense shades of green, plant pots and exotic animals such as the toucan are the must-have prints this season for interior design. Fabrics which are able to transform either an indoor or outdoor scheme into a truly paradisiacal landscape to enjoy and relax.

No doubt being surrounded by the paradisiacal views of green jungles is a great choice for your homes, terraces, outdoor schemes or even hospitality projects. Fill like summer year-round with the best Caribbean palms and views ever!


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