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Rojo-dyed Madrid. The designing concept moves forward, travels and makes you fell new sensations

13 November 2013

From Barcelona to Madrid. From Vinçon’ showroom to COAM’s headquarters. From “Rojo” to “Rojo”. November 18th – December 5th. The fascinating and stunning Red’ show for interior design lands in Madrid.

“Rojo” is moving ahead. “Rojo” is landing in the coolest cities. “Rojo” and interior design are more alive than ever, and this is how you will find them in Madrid.  From Vinçon’ showroom in Barcelona to the headquarters of the Colleague of  of Madrid (COAM). This is the new destination for “Rojo”, the interior design show by Red-AEDE in which Equipo DRT’s fabrics take part.


COAM’s brand new headquarters, located on Hortaleza street, will welcome from November the 18th to December the 5th this thematic exhibition. “Rojo” has surprised and attracted interior designers, architects and visitors since it opened its doors 2 months ago in Barcelona. Get a glimpse of it with this link: https://www.red-aede.es/es/blog/vid-rojo-slide-motion

More of 10.000 architects are invited to join the show. They are, without a doubt whatsoever, the greatest orchestrators of the interior design sector; they are the directors, developers and creators of ambiences and schemes that will give meaning to it.

A new way to approach edgy trends and designs from Spanish top brands that reflects the evolution of the interior design sector, innovation, creativity, quality, functionality and aesthetic.


In light of these premises we can find the fabrics for curtains of the firm Equipo DRT, represented by its project “Open the box”. This inspirational design brings to advisors greatest tools for their home decorative projects.
This tinny and pretty box allows those with eyes to see a game of textures and colours, although this time, the possibilities are red-dyed! They just have to: ‘Open the box’, ‘find your inspiration’, ‘let’s enjoy’, ‘go for it’, ‘create again’ & ‘to be continued’.

Because design thrills. Because design makes you fell … Because “Rojo” lands in Madrid.






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