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Solaris, Equipo DRT’s decorative fabric that also reflects sunlight.

05 April 2018

Progress, innovation, a step forward, a major upgrade… Whatever positive adjective you choose, Solaris, one of Equipo DRT’s newest fabrics, is exactly that.

Solaris is an innovation in textile design for the optimal control of light and ambient heat. How does it accomplish this? In addition to having an elegant, decorative texture, this fabric is designed to be completely reflective, a quality that only window blinds used to have. So, what does this quality allow us to do? Well, it is useful in several ways. It allows for better temperature regulation in the residence, it creates greater privacy, and it prevents glare from sunlight on television and computer screens.

Besides its extraordinary reflective property, this fabric is also seductive at a decorative level. The interior face of the fabric has a rich, natural texture, while the exterior face, the one against the window, is crafted from a special thread that endows it with its reflective properties.

As you see reflected here (wink, wink), Solaris creates a perfect balance inside in out, making it THE reflective and decorative solution, brought to you by Equipo DRT.


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