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Textile Architecture: the art of Palladio is reborn in the new Equipo DRT collection

10 February 2015

Art never dies. It has no expiry date. It’s always in fashion… Art lives, evolves and is reinvented. This is what Equipo DRT has done for its new classic fabric collection called Palladio. It echoes and highlights some of the finest creations of this Italian architect (1508-1580). Palladio was adored by the nobility of the Republic of Venice in the 16th century, and admired by all for his superior geometries, symmetries and architectural wonders.  Yes, Palladio designed many Italian villas in his age: Pisani, Foscari, Badoer, Emo… And these beautiful Italian masterpieces, five centuries later, are what Equipo DRT has skilfully transferred to a series of sophisticated and elegant fabrics for interiors.

Palladio is said to be the first classicist in modern architecture. He was the master who updated ancient Greek and Roman architecture and gave it the timeless beauty it still has today.

Inspired by his art and creativity comes the Palladio Collection from Equipo DRT. A new range of double-width upholstery fabrics being presented at the forthcoming Paris Maison&Objet Show in January 2015. This collection  stands out for its large-scale geometrics and damasks, its ground-breaking bid for gold and silver lurex, in which metallised yarns are combined with natural colours, including greens, blues, golds, reds and mink.



Looking through the photos and history of Palladio’s villas helps us to understand his exquisite artistic concepts. Symmetry, nobility, exuberant details without excess – all these are features of his masterful concepts, reflecting the personality of a genius who stops at nothing to achieve the sublime. This is Palladio the architect, and this is our new Palladio fabric collection. A damask design with ornamentation full of rich, flowing details.


Palladio built a long barchessa (wing) to the Villa Pisani as service quarters around 1560. It could be called a lesser work, as it was not the central portion of the building, which was already a country patrician villa. But this is not the case. Its surface area was as large as the entire Piazza San Marco in Venice. Its floor plan includes a central building flanked by annexes, two towers and a façade facing the patio with a barrel vaulted T-shaped salone.

This architecture has now been transferred to textile design on our Pisani fabric, with an ornamental geometric design reminiscent of latticework. Its curved lines are combined with straight ends to convert it into a proposal based on lines, forms and geometries. A touch of elegance and sophistication that carries us away to the walls, floors and decoration of the extraordinary Villa Pisani in Bagnolo.


An imposing pedestal, massive columns, a majestic main façade… These are the main features of Villa Foscari, one of the most beautiful works by Andrea Palladio, just outside Venice. A work that has inspired Equipo DRT to create a new homonymous fabric with oval, slightly elongated motifs that give the impression of expanding into infinity. As infinite as the beauty of the building, also known as La Malcontenta, situated on the Brenta canal in the village of Mira. This is Foscari.

This sensation can now be achieved once again in homes using this fabric design, with small patterns. Conceived for chairs, cushions and pieces of upholstered furniture. Also coming with the same pattern is the coordinated sheer called Nerea.


The outstanding inner unity of the majestic Villa Badoer, built in Fratta Polesine in 1556, can still be appreciated, as this villa is in an excellent state of conservation. And now, our Badoer fabric builds on this theme with asymmetrical stripes interspersed with Ottoman striping with plain fabric serving as transition, looking like the six-column façade construction of Villa Badoer and its corresponding temple-like front aspect.

In addition, the Ottoman stripes are emphasized on the edges to provide a greater sensation of depth for this textile design. Just like the outsides of this famous villa.


Emo is the plain-design proposal that combines with all our other designs in the collection, offering a finish creating a crepe texture in which the thread itself is the protagonist. The absence of any pattern is reminiscent of the patrician villa in Veneto, Villa Emo, with its imposing majesty and the simple mathematical relationships expressed in its proportions. Wings and main building form a homogeneous whole. Like Emo.

In addition, Equipo DRT has developed three designs in Jacquard velvet: Paulova, Duncan and Bernhardt – rich fabrics in which both depth and form are highlighted, and being presented along with our entire new catalogue.


In parallel, the classic Palladio fabric collection coordinates with a new wallpaper collection, Saraceno, in which our Palladio and Foscari designs are twinned for use on walls.

The picture of the architectural plan – the passage of time has left its mark on the Saraceno building – represents a patrician villa with a central building flanked by Palladio’s typical service wings that extend like arms around the patio, with two cylindrical towers on the corners of the wings. This is Villa Saraceno.


Like all the others, it’s a prime example of the finest Renaissance architecture. And like all the others, it’s a source of inspiration which has been reflected in a new range of classic decoration fabrics, the Palladio Collection, from Equipo DRT. Because art is art, evolving and being reinvented, and finding its true expression today on new textures in your home.



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