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upholstery fabrics Equipo DRT that merge art and textile innovation

AYA: upholstery fabrics that merge art and textile innovation

30 January 2024

In Japanese, AYA describes the beauty of patterns and colours. It means elegance and combination of colours and fabric shapes. The collection brings an almost art-like aesthetic to upholstery fabrics for furniture and armchairs as well as cushions and panels.

In addition to beauty, functionality has not been forgotten. This collection of fabrics is prepared for both indoor and outdoor use, being a durable and resistant upholstery, designed for daily use, without loss of colour for outdoor use and that allows washing even with diluted bleach.

Each yarn that makes up AYA is a work of art that integrates into living spaces and also in hotels and contract. The AYA collection by Equipo DRT is a testimony to textile innovation that transmits elegance through textiles.


Four designs: Harmony, Signs, Pyrenees and Petals

When weaving, the fabric and its design are shaped by the weft and warp by interlacing and operating its threads. In this same way, art and design have been combined to create the AYA textile collection.

The roles of art and design make it possible in this collaboration for the artist, with her gaze, her exploration, her drawings and her creative search, to sow the seed that allows the designer to capture and facilitate the development, the formal dimension and the interpretative treatment, suitable for the technical manufacturing.

The sequence that underlies the creations Signs, Harmony, Pyrenees and Petals speaks of significant forms through design based on the free forms of art.

AYA consists of four designs, each telling its own visual story. From the visual harmony of Harmony, through the geometry of Signs, to the exuberance of Petals and Pyrenees. A collection that offers a wide variety designed to adapt to different spaces and indoor and outdoor furniture.

Harmony: linear and transverse rhythms

In this design, the yarns act as ductile strokes, defining linear rhythms and transversal lines that intertwine to create beautiful, austere and relaxed grids. A simple and harmonious approach to upholstery.

Signs: woven score

Signs is a woven music score of undulating signs that trace and evoke a soft, enveloping melody. This design not only reflects technical skill, but also adds an artistic dimension to the textiles, creating an ambience that goes beyond mere decoration.

Pyrenees: lush nature

Pyrenees is a tribute to the full, exuberant and joyful nature. The skill and know-how in weaving are manifested in this creation, which weaves yarns to form a sensual floral pattern. This design not only incorporates natural elements, but also transforms spaces into a haven of serenity and beauty.

Petals: roses and textiles, contemporary fusion

Roses and textiles converge in Petals, where contemporary neo-figurative strokes intertwine with classical memory. This design pays homage to the rich history of weaving, fusing classic elements with a contemporary aesthetic. Each yarn tells a story that goes back in time and projects into the future.


Performance fabrics: durability once applied

Outdoor upholstery fabrics are made of weather and wear resistant materials. These fabrics are specially designed to withstand exposure to sunlight, rain, moisture and other outdoor elements, maintaining their appearance and durability over time. They are therefore high performance fabrics, also known as "performance fabrics", textiles designed to offer specific properties and enhance achievement.

Durable materials: mass-dyed acrylic fiber is a type of textile fiber that is manufactured with a process in which the colour pigment is incorporated into the fiber during its production, rather than later applied as a surface dye. This mass dyeing method provides specific properties to the acrylic fiber.

Colour fastness: Mass dyeing provides superior resistance to colour fading, typically due to exposure to sunlight and other environmental factors.

Faster drying: acrylic fiber has the ability to dry quickly, which makes it ideal for sportswear and other products requiring quick-drying properties.

Durability and weather resistance: Acrylic fiber is noted for its durability, and solution dyeing enhances the fiber's ability to resist wear and abrasion.

Additionally, they are resistant to the effects of weather, such as rain and humidity, making them suitable for outdoor use.

Dimensional stability: Mass dyeing helps maintain the dimensional stability of the fiber, meaning it is less likely to shrink or warp when exposed to adverse conditions.

Stain resistance: These fabrics are easy to clean in the washing machine., making maintenance and cleaning easier, allowing the use of washing with diluted bleach.


Aya, upholstering with art

Equipo DRT's AYA collection features four unique designs that go beyond textile function. Each design is a window to a different perspective, inviting spaces to immerse themselves in the visual and sensory richness that only AYA can offer. When selecting outdoor upholstery fabrics, it is decisive to choose those that adapt to the specific climate conditions of the location and that meet the aesthetic and functional requirements of the design project.

AYA is different thanks to the inspirational contribution of Vicente Martínez and Ana Hernandez, their artistic approach, their cultural inspiration, the variety of designs, textile quality and their skill to offer an exceptional aesthetic and functional experience in the field of fabrics for upholstery within the Equipo DRT collection.

upholstery fabrics Equipo DRT that merge art and textile innovation

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