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Wallpaper is ageless

16 June 2017

Decorating a room with wallpaper definitely gives it a distinct personality, and it creates a warm, dynamic habitability, which is in tune with the surroundings. It is usually associated with old photographs, films of the same substance as those of years gone by, large flats in the centre of the cities… But what is true is that wallpaper, which comes from the East and arrived in Europe in the 17th century through the trade between the two parts of the world, has no concept of age, era or fashion.

Proof of this is this selection of wallpaper by Equipo DRT in which the different wallpapers that can be used to decorate bedrooms, living rooms and studies are classified according to age.


Wallpaper from 0 to 15:

Decorating babies’ bedrooms with wallpaper is a very popular trend, and there are so many options to choose from such those characterized by stripes –wider or narrower-, that produce warmth and subtle dynamism, ideal for the first months and years of life of the little ones at home, such as Presto or Siro.

The geometries or the creative geometric drawings distinguish the Nin, Toritos, Encadenados and Les amis designs, with which, the children can undoubtedly grow up with until adolescence surrounded by creativity, while their imagination stirs and they make these faithful imaginary playmates and adventure companions out of these figures. Moreover, the variety of colours makes them perfect for boys and girls bedrooms, although nowadays this barrier is as subtle as the work behind every design.



Wallpaper at 30:

The travelling, the new experiences, the discoveries, spreading one’s wings is the perfect excuse to turn a young adult’s bedroom, of a thirty-year-old, of a bachelor who has recently  become independent or a couple who are decorating their new house together for the first time. Wallpaper such as Katmandu, UlaanBataar, Casablanca or Mogambo are ideal, not only because of their name, but also because they are associated with exceptionally unique sketches, lines, shapes and feelings like the cities that they bring to mind.

The geometry and the lines also highlight the designs that are less itinerant, such as Sargazos or Fuego. The latest collection of Equipo DRT, Sarabande, also has two treasures to decorate both young and stylish walls: Alcina and Rinaldo, and with bold colours.


Wallpaper at 45:

Albinoni, Allegro, Berenice, Cornaro, Non-Troppo, Sayonara, Vivace. In alphabetical order. Because order comes into your life at 40, 45, 50 (or disorder and we prefer to read it back to front), the desire to turn the house into a nest, a hideout, a haven or “my place of leisure”.

This is where the colours like natur, pearl, gold, silver, steel, bronze and old gold come in. But they are not the only things. The details, nuances and the aged finishes, the quality of the semi-washable or the elegant stripes are just part of the wide range available to inspire you and …choose from. Simple.



Wallpaper at 60:

If the 30s are the new 20s, the 60s must be the new…45?. Because the seventh decade of life has long since been the start of old age, of thinking about times gone by with nostalgia or of looking after the grandchildren forgetting about your own life. Nowadays 60-year-olds dye their grey hair with both pride and experience, the good type, the one that has taught you how to live life to the full, know what you want and how to go for it with the determination to take the first bite out of the ice cream.

So wallpaper is not just an option, it is the option. The sophistication of lines and shapes, the golds, the classic and up-to-date styles that have their own personality, they are the best allies of those who know that wallpaper is ageless, as are the brave.


wallpaper vintage grey EquipoDRT wallpaper vintage mint color Equipo DRT wallpaper for kids brown Equipo DRT wallpaper with birds green Equipo DRT

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