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‘Well-Being 4.0’ - trends at Heimtextil 2016

01 December 2015

Heimtextil Theme Park highlights four big trends for the coming year, associated with well-being, and fuelled by energy, protection, enrichment (of the non-monetary kind) and «nourishing food». Equipo DRT, the Spanish textile company, will be present from 12 to 15 January 2016 at Heimtextil Frankfurt (Hall 3.1 Stand A90), and couldn’t have expressed these trends better than simply stating «We’re well into wellness».

‘Protect’, ‘Energise’, ‘Enrich’ and ‘Nourish’ are the four 4.0 trends that Heimtextil Theme Park is proposing for 2016, in which elements and qualities of nature are transferred to textiles to convert homes, offices and living space decorated with these trends into warm, inviting spaces promoting ‘Well-Being’.

Spaces that the textile firm Equipo DRT will be dressing up with their fabrics for curtains, converted in line with the new Heimtextil trends into inspiring and harmonious elements with a strong Nature component.


Protect: Off + Introspection

Meditation, silence, disconnection or softness are just some of the terms associated with the ‘Protect’ trend, which invites us to isolate ourselves for a moment from the hyper-connected work in which we live. This generates balance between the outside and the inside, where textile fabrics help us to enjoy peace and quiet, a rare commodity in today’s hectic world.



Energise: On + Exploration

Light and visual energy are key concepts in this trend, which combines the offline and online realities we inhabit. A mixture that allows us to get the most out of our energy, our intensity, with contrasting fabrics and designs.



Nourish: Quest + Exploration

An obsession with green, a symbiosis with nature, an organic design committed to natural textures, all give life to the ‘Nourish’ trend, a fusion of urban and natural landscapes surrounding our daily lives. An environment where we emphasis versatility, architecture and design which is increasingly ethical and sustainable, where we extract the essence of nourishment and imprint it onto fabrics like upcycled UP, showing our overriding commitment to the environment and sustainable living.



Enrich: Indulge + Elevate

Opulence, ostentation and sheer textile and visual luxury are the maxims of this proposal, in which golds and silvers take front stage. A touch of the Orient fused with revamped Classicism to reinvent supreme sophistication and elegance.


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