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wool curtain for thermal insulation WOOL FABRIC FOR CURTAINS wool fabric for curtains natural insulatiom

Wool curtains, the great natural thermal insulator to save energy in our homes.

09 November 2022

Wool has warmer properties than cotton and is still breathable, this way a wool curtain helps maintain a more comfortable temperature in our living room or bedroom.

The summer heat is long gone and even the last rays of the golden sun are losing their power. To be comfortable and warm, it is not enough to wear long and thick clothes, we should also pay attention to the right composition of our curtains. The fact is that the thermal comfort of the spaces is one of the signs of well-being that we value the most.

Wool is distinguished by properties such as resistance, flexibility, elasticity and hygroscopicity, that is, the absorption of humidity from the atmosphere. As a curious fact, wool fiber is capable of absorbing up to 50% of its wringing weight and, thanks to its helical structure of its molecules, it has the capacity to retain the shape of fabrics and maintain the elasticity of carpets.

Currently we no longer use wool like our Neolithic ancestors, but the fiber is transformed to obtain more or less thick and pure yarns depending on the final use for which it is intended, from fashion accessories to construction materials. It is estimated that the world production of washed wool is around two million tons, coming from countries such as Australia, Argentina, China, the United Kingdom, Russia, New Zealand, South Africa and Uruguay.


In the Equipo DRT collection there are several solutions of 100% wool fabrics designed to be used for both curtains and bedspreads. Among them, the Almaty design stands out, a fine but very insulating curtain fabric, with a soft hand, available in gray and natural colours.

Another fabric in this line is Cachemira, a double-width fabric with a Paisley design that combines color ranges in neutral tones creating a soft contrast between the different threads. A fusion between cashmere pattern and gray and beige wool threads. Can you imagine curtains with Almaty and a bedspread with Cachemira in your homes or in your hotel room? Imagine warmth, imagine well-being...

wool curtain for thermal insulation WOOL FABRIC FOR CURTAINS wool fabric for curtains natural insulatiom

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